Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Used To Believe In A Lot More Things

My computer just died. Luckily there are two others at my house but that computer had all of my writing, photos, and music on it. It was acting totally fine but then the fuse blew so the power went out for a moment and now it won't turn back on. I'm making my mom call her computer expert friend. This is really really not good. Hundreds of songs I never got around to burning on CDs and a bunch of stories I've written. At least I have most of my photos on this blog or my mom's computer. Crap. It was 5 years old but it was a really nice Mac G4 tower... it wouldn't make sense for it to just suddenly stop working. That's it. I'm making my parents buy me a laptop. Which is not gonna happen because I just got an iPod Touch and this freaking never-ending renovation is really expensive. Sorry for ranting, but I had to get this out.

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br. said...

The solution to that problem isn't a lap top.
Its a surge protector and an external hard drive to back up everything on.