Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Don't Care What You Think As Long As It's About Me

Something that really bothers me is when people are afraid to wear certain things that they like. Why? Because they're afraid of getting laughed at? Seriously, people aren't going to hate you if you wear something that's a bit out there. If they do, you need new friends. You'd be surprised how receptive people are to people who take (clothing) risks. And even if you do get weird looks or even get laughed at, who cares? Does it really, really matter? If you wear what you want, it's a lot more satisfying than wearing whatever you think other people will like. I see this so much in people, and I used to be like that myself but have discovered that dressing for yourself first is so, so much better. Sure, a few people laughed at my nerd glasses, but who cares? They were stupid mesh-pants-wearing boys anyway =P. You know you're stylish. And that's the only thing that really matters. It may be totally clichéd, but wear what you want with confidence and people will, at the very least, admire your guts, if not be inspired by your supreme stylishness.

Maybe this woman got funny looks for her tights, or got pushed in front of a car because she's wearing a fur coat. But does it looks like she cares? No! And now she's on Face Hunter. This is just one example of many, but there could be so many more uniquely stylish individuals out there in the world if they had the guts to wear things they like, not what society tells them to. Now don't get me wrong, I haven't reached some state of fashion nirvana (far from it actually) but I always try to wear what I like and not what I think other people will like. Now you try it!

P.S. I am so busy I don't have time to do anything! Hence the lack of outfit posts. I actually wrote this little rant in English class with my clandestine "Of course I'm taking notes" talent. Haha and vote for me because only you can change America.


fly like paper said...

amen! haha i agree COMPLETLY! I get alot of stares from what I weear to school, but I dont give a danm about them because they ALL wear hollister and ae. lol i always say to them "read a vogue. hun" haha its such a fantastic burn!

:D said...

Ahaha! The funny thing is, at my school, the guys steal the glasses that we wear on occasion.
But I live in Cali, and that's just how things work here. I hate the way our school has dress code, but I find loopholes. One of my friends tells me that people she knows make fun of my neon green suspenders. They say that they look funny.
But hey! People said skinny jeans looked funny at first too! People never wear anything unless other people do, and it's so annoying. Done with that rant. :]

Lady Smaggle said...

So true. That's totally what I think about your style. You don;t give a damn what other people think and that's why you're one of the most stylish people on the net.

deko and posh said...

Yes, Yes, Yes! These darn dress codes at schools don't allow us to show our creativity. They want everyone to look the same! Boring.
Hey there if you have an html code to vote for you, send it our way, we will post it on our blog.


Tavi said...

I agree completely! Especially for people who are in school, we're never gonna get to wear geek glasses and crazy print leggings when we're older and have a job. I'm taking advantage of my youth! Muahahahaa!

Isabel said...

Hear, hear! Blog world and real world listen to Hannah, the new and graceful champion of individuality! Seriously, this was really well written.

chin said...

very well written indeed. it's nice to read something like this post you have. full of wit and highly commendable at that.

a person is defined with how he carries himself with whatever clothes he wears as long as it exudes your personality. it is rubbish to follow a certain trend if you don't feel comfortable wearing it hence it would only make you look awkward.

keep up the good work hannah!im rooting for you in the contest btw!

ShandraChic said...

I love your style!!!! Do you have any great styles with pantyhose?

Hannah Cheeto said...

Thanks guys!

fly like paper- I will most definitely use that burn!

ShandraChic- It's just starting to get colder so I'll definitely be wearing more outfits with pantyhose soon!