Monday, September 29, 2008

I Don't Care, I Like You

My mom got a new camera for her birthday, so I can have the old one. It's still a piece of crap, but now it's MY piece of crap.

I have a pair of ripped stockings which get more ripped with every wear. Seriously, this is the second time wearing them and they're practically all rippage. But anyway, I kind of took inspiration from Alexander Wang:

I went posing crazy in my parent's new bedroom.... I would have worn my Docs, but y'know, don't want to get their brand new carpet all dirty.

I love my goofy faces....

American Apparel cardigan and v-neck. Old Navy cutoffs. Ripped stockings. Target socks.

I can't really make sense out of this either.

I am so happy I get tomorrow off. And actually, I get three 4-day weeks in a row!

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Isabel said...

Whoah, I am seriously confused by that last pic!

yoncto said...

oooooh those tights are gorgeous. ripped tights are just <3 =]

yiqin; said...

Those tights definitely add character! & woo, Alex Wang is amazing. Beyond amazing!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

the last picture is a bit mind boggling...but other than that, great outfit. i really like the ripped tights look!

visit my blog sometime, and we can trade links!

Victoria-Olivia said...

I love ripped tights, and what your paired them with looks really cool.