Friday, September 19, 2008


I think this outfit is a good representation of what I mean by last post. I think I should dress like this more often!

Just kidding. It was clash day for XC. Anddddd I placed! Well 5th and the top two are still out with injuries but maybe I'm not sucking as badly as I thought this season.

And this is what I wore on Thursday. I actually made the cropped top a while ago to wear with a certain pair of jeans but haven't really worn it. I had to layer a cami under as not to break my (surprisingly existent) dress code. The only thing it says is "nothing with profane language, sexual or drug references, or that exposes the midriff or underwear." Thank god for public school. And the really weird thing is cropped tops were on Flying Saucer and Fashion Toast right around the time. Collective brain waves anyone?

Hanes cropped top. Wet Seal "leather" jacket. H&M cami. Skirt sewn by me. Old Navy leggings. Thrifted heels.

These really aren't the best pictures, they're much too dark, and the outfit doesn't look quite right. But oh well! Anyway I liked how it looked a little like I was wearing a bodysuit kind of like Karla's. After I saw that I really wanted one until I realized it would look as awkward on me as the American Apparel u-neck dress does time 1000.

It's really sad. I no longer have time to have a life. I ran the easiest 7.5 miles of my life (seriously) yesterday and then I had two hours of dance. I was extremely lucky to have hardly any homework that night. And yeah, my hip-hop class explains the title... I am obsessed with that song ("Ching-A-Ling" by Missy Elliott) now. Great.

P.S. Quote of the day: "u just look like a victim of the holocaust, lost, especially with that background". What would I do without the coherent commenters of Teen Vogue?


yoncto said...

LOVE the skirt. and someone actually commented that? really? REALLY? wow, i'd like to smack them in their face.

Ugh. said...

Ugh. Whenever I go on girl of the week, they're so harsh. Jesus, if they're so great with fashion, why the hell don't they have a picture up there?

chin said...

haha!! funny dear!