Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Million Dollar Smile



Click to enlarge!

A better question may be why am I shopping for jackets in July?

Oh, and if all goes well... I'm getting my braces off today!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hello Wisconsin

I'm too tired from staying up super-late, lying around in the sun (and in the basement watching "That 70's Show" and playing Guitar Hero) and eating large quantities of junk food on my vacation, I'll just send you in the direction of a few blogs you may enjoy if you don't already read them.

  • Surely everyone already reads Karla's Closet but if you don't... just read it! And look at the pictures....

My brain is totally fried. And ahh there was a lot of interesting stuff going on up in the NH.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Yes I'm Blushing

When I was taking this picture, one of the construction workers who was about 20 or so walked by. He saw me posing, and was totally confused until the camera went off. Then he was like "Oh, Myspace photos?" I was just like, "sort of...." But I'm making my embarrassed face in this picture.

Thrifted dress. Capezio tights. Jeffrey Campbell oxfords.

Yesterday I wore this dress which I got in a thrift store for $1. It's actually ankle length but since that was horribly unflattering I safety-pinned it up, which added volume. And trust me, I know this dress is basically what every blogger is wearing right now... BUT I have never seen one worn in real life and besides I can't really let that bother me. Anyway, it's interesting to see the progression of this room. At one point it was like this (first picture of the construction) and now it looks way different. i.e. there's a roof. But there's still insulation everywhere....

And I updated my links list! Tell me if I forgot you! But I'm going away until Sunday so I probably won't be able to really post/do anything until then.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Killing Moon

Target t-shirt. Claire's (lol) hipster scarf. H&M skirt (new). Leg Avenue tights (new). Thrifted shoes.

I was sticking out my tongue but it looked really bad, so yeah I edited it out. The tights were actually thigh-highs but thigh-highs are always hitting an awkward several inches above my knees so I turned these into knee-highs, which are much more flattering anyway as I don't have Kirsty Lee's thighs. My mom said "Get used to it, you're tall" but I don't really think it's just that because I'm not that tall (5'7") that things are frequently too short for my legs. It definitely has more to do with mah musclez. But I digress.

P.S. For some reason New York Mag decided to write this load-of-crap article about Tavi insinuating that she doesn't write her own blog and basically that she's not all that great... wait, this is a supposably respectable magazine insulting a 12-year-old? What? Is this a new low? It is actually possible a 12-year-old could be stylish and have things to say? Don't worry Tavi, we all love you. If you weren't great they wouldn't be saying such things.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Cat With the Pink Bow-Tie

Before our little trip to Boston yesterday, Eunice made a list of several thrift/vintage stores she wanted to go to. Of course, we only ended up actually going to one out of four, the Garment District. (We took the commuter rail into the city by ourselves, so my parents didn't want us to stay too long. We still hit Newbury St., and found it surprisingly uncrowded [there was almost no dressing room line at H&M—unheard of!]. Then we took the T to Kendall Square, which is near the Garment District.)

The Garment District describes itself as an "alternative department store", which is a pretty fitting description. It is a vintage store, thrift store, costume shop, and new clothes store (is there a better way to say that?) over two spacious floors. When you walk in, to the right you see the costume store and to the left you see the famous "dollar-a-pound" section. This is just what it sounds like—everything costs a dollar a pound. It is a considerably sized area piled high with clothes, many of them broken and worthless, but as you walk across the squishy "carpet" and dig through there are always some treasures to be found, though this time Eunice and I didn't have time to brave this section. There are also bins of shoes and bags, where Eunice found a pair of Ferragamo flats last trip!

Upstairs, there is a dizzying array of clothing. It seems to make sense to start in the right side of the store, which has the least overwhelming section of new clothing, tights, and various accessories. In my opinion the non-preowned clothing section is not particularly exciting—the typical-looking t-shirts, blouses, etc.), so I moved on into the main thrift section, which is huge but well-organized by color and style (there is also a smaller designer section, where there is some big, weird-looking Christian Dior to be had for $22). Since I just skimmed through this slightly overwhelming section, I found nothing that I wanted to buy, but a thorough combing would probably turn up some great finds.

In the shoe section, they have a great mix of preowned (used-car-salesman) shoes mixed with various shoes which were probably purchased wholesale from a costume supplier, or something. I ended up finding a men's size 6.5 pair of white patent leather oxfords (I would have preferred dove gray but they didn't have it in my size) which were only $18! Of course they could potentially be a little cheap looking but styled correctly.... Otherwise is was hard to find my size.

I finally ventured through a doorway into the vintage section, which fills another large room. It is organized in racks by date (60s, 70-80s, vintage [I guess that means they couldn't identify what decade it's from?]), style, and color. There is a vast selection of dresses, suits, pants, shirts, skirts, lingerie... just about everything. Eunice had a field day trying on the vintage nightgowns, but typically she didn't end up buying anything. It seems to me that it is advantageous when shopping at vintage/thrift stores to be of a size around 10 or so because that seems to be the size one comes across most often, but then again if I was a size 10 I probably would think it was more advantageous to be perhaps a 2, or a 14. Anyway, nothing that I liked would have fit me without considerable alterations which I honestly can't bother with right now.

In conclusion, the Garment District is a wonderful place to shop in you ever happen to be in Boston (or more precisely Cambridge, home of MIT and Harvard...) and have a lot of time on your hands. There is a vast selection of interesting, quite affordably priced items but the store is vast so you'll have to be thorough in your shopping.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Thieves Like Us

I know it's mid-summer, and the last thing anyone wants to think about is school, but I'm thinking about it anyway. Or what I'm going to wear, at least. Despite this, I still have really no idea how I'll dress next year (probably similar to how I dress now?). So to the point I made a sort of internet collage using pictures from Facehunter which I saved into the "Rockstars" section of my inspiration folder thing. The photos in that section are of people who I think look... incredibly cool and well like rock stars. But they all seem to have a certain attitude in their expressions or the way they dress that I admire.

Click to enlarge, people.

Oh, and b-t-dubbs (haha I am such a loser) I'm going shopping in Boston today! Yay! Eunice and I are going to try to circumvent the Newbury St. crowds and go thrifting in the less... touristy parts of Bostonia. Without getting mugged.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oh Dear Abbey Dawn

The moment you've all been waiting for... Avril Lavigne's celebrity clothing line! At Kohls of all places!

I knew you guys would be into it. I might have been, in 7th grade. But now, the only things vaguely of interest to me are this, this, and this. Honestly, it all looks like Wet Seal cast offs. And that's a bad thing.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It Ain't the Money and It Sure As Hell Ain't Just For the Fame

Hanes t-shirt, altered by me. Hot Topic suspenders. Thrifted granny shorts ("Squeeze" brand... lol) and studded heels.

I still don't have any good flat sandals, which is really bugging me. I need to get some soon. But anyway, the shorts are an example of the totally hot clothes I got at the $1-for-anything sale at a local thrift store. And I got the suspenders a while ago but they're really annoying to adjust plus one of the clips keeps breaking... but on higher pants they seem to work better.

It's 92.4—no, scratch that, 92.8—degrees outside. Here's how I actually feel:

Yep. Note the hot farmer's tan. At least it's the perfect day to go to the beach—I might actually be able to go swimming in a 2 degree New England ocean.

Oh yeah, and my Topshop order came! The top didn't ship because it was apparently out of stock (oh well, I didn't need it). The cropped pants ("knickers" as my mom called them) were fab but the very thought of putting them on.... Here are the flats though! I was worried about sizing but I got a 40 (/ British size 7) and they fit my 8.5/9 (mostly 9) feet perfectly.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Camp ends for two weeks after tomorrow... thank god. But then I "get" to go back....*

These are old old old... i.e. just after I got my hair cut, like 4 weeks ago... (has it been that long already?)

Hanes t-shirt cut into v-neck. AA lamé bra. Silence & Noise skinny jeans which I just rediscovered. Target white sneakers.

Here's the stuff I got at Gap/Old Navy... most of it has already been seen in the vacation shots but OH WELL here are better views.

This is the Gap stuff... the shirt was only $6 and the shorts were marked down to $22. I got them both in too large sizes so they would fit slouchily... but together I don't think they work.

These are two of the three Old Navy t-shirts (I didn't bother with the checked pocket one because the other pictures are pretty clear). The first one is NOT a Lakers shirt. I am a Celtics fan, as is any true Bostonian. But I love the colors and the graphic. The second one I grabbed by accident, but then I kind of liked it. I know ironic t-shirts are totally played out but... I'm not wearing it too ironically. I don't even know what I'm talking about because my brain is fried. But anyway the shirts were 2 for $15. Gotta love Old Navy!

I look really stoned in the above pictures. My mad coolness (haha) is tempered by the Beanie Babies and the massive wicker basket that originally was to hold some of everyone in the family's shoes but somehow evolved into holding only mine....

*I don't really hate camp that much but... it takes up way too much time... or something.

And the random title is what the councilor of the group I'm with at camp started calling me once he saw me with my huge Forever 21 sunglasses.... This post is truly a huge hunk of randomness. But that's just where my mind is at right now.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tagged Tagged Tagged

Updated Updated Updated!

The brilliant Isabel of Hipster Musings tagged me with the Brillante Weblog Premio-2008 award, "because she has brilliant red hair ever, and the moxie to wear corsets over top of her clothing". Thank you, Isabel!

I'm not entirely sure who to tag, though. I'm sure all the people I would like to tag have already been tagged....

I have been tagged by Dapper Kid! (definitely check out his blog if you haven't already—he a super-stylish guy and there is just so much goodness on his blog ;) )


1. Pick up the nearest book
2. Open to Page 123
3. Find the 5th sentence
4. Post the next 3 sentences
5. Tag 5 people and acknowledge who tagged you

Anyway, the nearest book was... "The Confusion" by Neal Stephenson, which is the current book I'm reading.

This incredibly complex 800-page novel (which is part of a trilogy...) is my light summer reading, and I actually am really enjoying it even if I don't get everything. Anyway, if you are in to that sort of thing check out the Amazon.com page. BUT to the point:

"He [Bonaventure Rossignol] rose to his feet, triggering small avalanches—for he and Eliza had been waiting in this open sleigh long enough for drifts to form in their laps. As he tottered around to get a view of the garden entrance of La Dunette, he reminded Eliza club balanced on a juggler's palm. He had much in common physically with Pontchartrain; but where the Count's eyes were warm and brown, Rossignol's were hot and black."

Random, out of context, yay!

Tagging: Fashion Robot, Fashion Cupcakes, Stansbury's Treasures, Art Geek and Fashion Freak, Yonctopus Is The Bomb (even though she's at "lesbo camp"...)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Leggings Will Never Die!

Quick, fashionistas, scoop up Lindsay Lohan's hawt new leggings line at Shop Intuition exclusively! You can get leggings with knee pads, bronze metallic leggings, leggings with zippers*, and even the "Leopard Ankle Gloves" pictured below! All for the affordable, reasonable prices of $42-$132!

In all seriousness, while I would wear the leggings L. Lo designed, I would never pay the prices they're asking. I do actually (weirdo Hannah) find the knee pad leggings oddly attractive... and functional!

Oh, and by the way I'm going away until Sunday... so I won't be able to post.

*Which look just like these Hot Topic ones, except $100 more. But the Hot Topic ones appear to be gone... BUT my favorite mall goth store has petticoats!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

10 Reasons Why Camp=Death

1) counselor-in-training=slave
2) 90 degree weather and having to sit in the sun
3) being forced to wear either sneakers or crocs. CROCS!
4) dressing practically=no fashion
5) insane, often disgusting (but cute) children
6) mad awkwardness (don't ask)
7) being much too tired to do anything, and having to FORCE yourself to go running afterwards (not looking forward to it...)
8) having no social life outside of camp due to family vacations on all the weekends
9) getting sunburned despite sunscreen and NOT tanning
10) I forget. But it sucks.

But luckily I have my friends to save it from being an altogether horrible situation. I'm sorry for complaining (oh no Andrew you caught me! Actually no way he reads this blog so never mind).

Anyway, next time I have to go to a dressy event, here is what I'm def wearing:

H&M dress as shirt. Corset thingy.... Skirt made by me.

Like that will ever happen.

P.S. Don't you love that nail polish color?

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Vacation Stylezzz

Happy belated 4th of July, everyone!

I actually had a lot of fun getting dressed this vacation. Not that I did anything very creative, but...

Hanes t-shirt, cut by me. Gap shorts (new). Victoria's Secret bathing suit.

Baseball Hall of Fame!

Old Navy mens t-shirt (new). Abercrombie denim mini. Minnetonka moccasin boots. Forever 21 obscenely obscene sunglasses (new).

Old Navy mens t-shirt (new, which you can't really see). Forever 21 bermuda-ish shorts (new). Doc Martens boots. Forever 21 sunglasses.

At the house where my mother grew up.


Watching fireworks from my uncle's boat.

H&M jacket. Old Navy mens t-shirt (new). Abercrombie jeans. Soccer socks. Doc Martens boots.

At Six Flags, where my worst nightmare (sort-of) occurred: I dropped my sunglasses off an elevated platform while I was waiting for the ride. Luckily they weren't broken and my cousin managed to very kindly and illegally jump the fence and get them back.

American Apparel v-neck. Aeropostale denim shorts. Forever 21 faux Wayfarers.
(That's me in go-cart #1; click to enlarge! I was so badass I spun out my little brother [accidently, of course])

Then I got the bright idea of tucking my shirt into my bathing suit:

Hanes mens t-shirt. Victoria's Secret bathing suit. Forever 21 necklace and sunglasses.
I thought it looked pretty good, but I swear in real life you can't see that huge lump caused by my shirt.

The bad news is, the internet problem still hasn't been fixed so there's only internet on one computer... which makes it hard for me to go on my blog. So expect erratic posting....

Friday, July 4, 2008


Topshop is having a huge sale! Of course this is a bit late in the game but still there's some good stuff left. And shipping to the U.S. is only 7.50 pounds/$15, unless you buy over 100 pounds/$200. Which I want to, but can't. And anyway, I'm coming home tomorrow! My parents officially think I'm a shopping addict. I got this, this, and this.