Thursday, November 27, 2008

You Are A Getaway Car

Yesterday was only a half day of school, thank god. It was quite painless except for the school pep rally which was really horrible but also mercifully short. The part involving the dirty dancing football players was wholly unnecessary though, not to mention extremely gross because those football players do carry some extra weight which isn't attractive when they're pretending to hump each other. Ugh. It was scarring.

Dress made by me. Forever 21 blouse. Hue tights. Topshop flats.

I got new glasses. I never wore my old ones because I only need them for seeing distance and my vision isn't that bad but I really like these ones so I wore them all day. Unfortunately this was the best picture I got... my surprised face at the pep rally when some creeper freshman with a camera came over to sit on on the sophomore bleachers! jk we love you Red.
Afterwards "The Three Muskateers" went on a "run" and then played on a playground. Again. This time with pictures.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Is what it looks like I'm saying in this picture.

What do you think of this new location? The background is a bit lighter and the lighting is better but it's hard to get a full body shot. I snap outfit shots like 5 minutes before I leave for school, because due to sports taking them after is not an option. I feel lazy for not having a good location though.

Target blazer and v-neck. Old Navy sliced up leggings. Doc Marten boots.

I had a very weird dream two nights ago. For some reason I was in the Vanderwoodsen's (Van Der Woodsen? Van Derwoodsen?) apartment (if you don't know, watch Gossip Girl) which was apparently on the 30th floor and I ended up handcuffed to a towel rod. No idea. But yeah, so one arm was free and for some reason it made sense to try and pull the fire alarm so someone could find me and let me go. But then the dream changed, and I was on the 3rd floor with my family. The fire alarm was going off, but we had to pack bags full of all the important stuff so it wouldn't get burned in the fire (never mind the fact that I had actually pulled the fire alarm...). Then I realized my friend, Ally, was randomly there and a bunch of my stuff was in her room. I went to it and began desperately piling my shoes into this bag (priorities!).

Then the dream changed. I was with my mom and we had to go into an Aeropostale to hide because the city was being bombed (NO JOKE THE WWII-ERA VIDEOS WE WATCHED IN HISTORY CLASS ARE SCREWING WITH MY MIND). There was very low lighting (come to think of it, the inside of the store was more Abercrombie than Aeropostale) and I decided to shop despite the fact that there was an air strike going on (again, priorities!). I couldn't find anything I liked, which was good because my mom said she didn't want to buy me any more clothes, and I don't know what would have happened next because my stupid alarm woke me up.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looks Like A Stoner, Walks Like A Turkey

Lalala I look stoned. But now you can see just how short/straight-across my bangs are.

Forever 21 jacket. Customized Hanes t-shirt. American Apparel dress. H&M leg warmers. Converse sneakers.

Quantum of Solace simply didn't like up to my expectations after seeing Casino Royale. Sigh. Let's go see more action movies, Erika!

P.S. I started a account! Holla if you want an invite.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

One... Singular Sensation!

I wore this to this art thing and then my school's play, which was actually really good. I wanted to use the hat to dance afterwards, but it was too squishy. Gotta love musicals!

H&M faux fur jacket. Forever 21 tunic. Urban Outfitters pants. Thrifted hat. Minnetonka boots.

You can't really tell but I got my bangs trimmed. They're shorter and blunter now, and might actually be straight across.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Don't Sleep

The black on black kind of photographed! The flash totally lightened the colors, but oh well. People at school probably thought I was a creep for wearing a bodysuit to school. Oh well. They're used to it.

Thrifted Sonia Rykiel blazer. American Apparel unitard (great word). Steve Madden heels.

Edit: How funny is this? "Watching models off duty is like watching beautiful creatures roam free out of their cages." Um, okay?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Like Sequined Lightning

Here we have... two days outfits!

H&M furry jacket. Target v-neck. Wet Seal harem pants. Doc Martens boots.

Wet Seal jacket. Gap pullover. DIY bloomers. Target socks. Minnetonka boots.

Yesterday was the cross country end of the year party, and look what my buds and I won!

You can't really see it but it's the three musketeers award. Aww.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fresh To Def In Moschino

You've seen what I look like in the morning, now you can see what I look like when I get home from school (after a run of course).

Look how flattering these jeans are! That's because they were probably made by child laborers illegally working the night shift under dim lights somewhere in Indonesia... for people like me who are (well, were) dumb enough to buy fake jeans on ebay.

I kept the cardigan on for the whole day because I chickened out and thought this might be a bit too scandalous for school:

Thrifted cardigan. Camille-style t-shirt that I'm too lazy to finish. American Apparel neon thing. DIY ripped jeans. Jeffrey Campbell oxfords.

Speaking of Childhood Flames, I cannot wait until she posts the pattern for the dropped crotch pants. I got the pants from Wet Seal but they're harem pants, not dropped crotch pants and yes there is a difference (harem pants are flared at the thighs but have normal... crotch-levels and dropped-crotch pants have straight thighs but dropped crotches. Yeah. It took me a while to figure that out...).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Selectivity Isn't My Strong Point

...which explains why I felt the need to post half the pics Amy took of me. Whatever. You can see the rest here if you so desire. And yes, this is the outfit that I put together in 5 minutes inspired by the unnamed "style icon".

The above one is my favorite, and my profile pic on Facebook.

Monday, November 17, 2008

In Reality It Ain't That Cheap

It's time for a bang trim.

Erin Fetherston for Target cardigan. Forever 21 v-neck. Skirt made by me. Random white fishnets and gray knee-highs. Jeffrey Campbell oxfords.

This is from Sunday so I'm a little bit behind on the outfit pics. I wore it to go see these storytellers acting out this thing about these two abolitionists. The cool things I do! It was pretty fun though. I'm glad people like the french manicure, it does look nice even though I despise it and I lost one of the nails during the night. Luckily the pack came with extras.

But anyway. Yesterday I slept almost an hour through my alarm, which isn't as bad is it sounds as I usually wake up at 5:45 so I can post (I do have actual reasons I have to do it in the morning) so waking up at 6:40 only had the effect of cutting 10 minutes out of my "get dressed" time. So I just threw together a kind of random thing sort of copying/laughing at the style of certain model/style icon I'm not a huge fan of. But then I'm at my locker, and my friend Amy runs up to me and is like, "I need to take photos of you! Now!" for her digital photography project. So we had an impromptu photoshoot right there. *cough* losers. Apparently her pictures were supposed to be fashion-themed but my outfit really wasn't so... oh well. But I might post them anyway depending on how they come out.


Hello children. Run away scared.

Hannah's french manicured acrylic fake nails are coming.

Kind of as a laugh I bought a pack of fake nails at CVS. But when I put them on, I was amazed to find 1) they were so so so easy to put on, it took 5 seconds instead of an annoyingly long time like nail polish, and they don't chip, they just pop off sometimes, which is easily fixed (are the commas killing you yet?), 2) it is possible for my hands to look vaguely... clean and nice, and 3) they actually look real, which is kind of a bad thing because that wasn't the point. I wanted crap looking ones so I could laugh. I'm not a weirdo at all. I know french manicures are the epitome of all things tacky and conformist and gross. I mean, Kim Kardasian wears a french manicure. It's so 7th grade (at least my 7th grade. No insults meant to certain stylish 7th graders). So the point is... I currently have longish (not that long but longer than my destroyed fingernails could ever grow) white-tipped perfect nails. It's quite weird. I do love tacky things in moderation, and it's addicting to see my short, cracked, lumpy, dry, damaged fingernails looking all perfect and shiny. Now I'll have to find some that aren't hideous, preferably silver holographic ones. Heck to the yes.

Edit: Wholly unrelated but I just flipped a shit* at the Wet Seal customer service department via email. Well, I told them I was considering never shopping online from them again. OHH! Well it's not my fault their website said two things were in stock but then decided one of them wasn't at the last second. And the other? Well, it's still in stock on the website but out of stock in the email they sent me. What the hell? Wet Seal, you betta send me dis shit or I be realll pissed. What else will I stick spikes on? Oh yeah, your face if you don't send these to me, bitch! Alright, I'm better now.

*Not really, I just wanted to say that.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Young and Stupid

Martin+Osa sweater. Thrifted cardigan. Wet Seal jeans, necklace, and belt. Forever 21 headband. Converse sneakers.

Have you met the loves of my life?

The random possessed demon is actually my brother.

Haha I love my kitties... anyway my parents are actually probably going to let me get an industrial piercing in my ear. But apparently it takes 4-6 months to heal (!) and the only piercing that takes longer to heal is the belly button. That's kind of bad because you're not allowed to have piercing in track races, but I can hide it behind my hair. It's still probably a bad idea though. But my parents won't let me get it anytime soon so I have plenty of time to talk myself out of it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Maybe One Day You'll Understand

Don't you hate it when people say that? Anyway, Erika (her again!) and I got into a whole debate about whether or not I was a hypocrite for wearing this capelet. She then announced to my entire math class that I'm a "bunny-killer". Thanks, meat-eater. I got it in a thrift store.

Thrifted capelet. Forever 21 dress. Old Navy leggings. Wet Seal necklace. Payless heels.

This cape thing is so so warm though! Poor bunnies....

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beating The Dead Horse Into A Pulp

Sorry about the graphic title. So I hate to jump in to the whole skinny model debate, but thanks to a Fashionista post from a while ago it has been brought to my attention that the TimesOnline has proclaimed that "The Death of Size Zero" is nigh. Well, ignoring the dumb title, it reminded me of the fact that some non-obscenely thin models do actually get work. I also discovered that Sasha Pivovarova had gained weight, and still booked quite a few shows. Now this makes me very happy!

I have to say as a teenage girl the media's influence on myself and my friend's body image is quite obvious. While I'm generally happy with my body at this point, I have friends who aren't despite the fact they are a size 2. While these people don't look at pictures of very thin models every day like I do, they still feel the influence of the pressure to become skinny. People argue that "oh, clothes just look better on thin girls" and "models don't actually influence real people". Um, I beg to differ. Maybe it's just that subconscious "people like seeing people like them" thing, but when I see a picture like this, I can't help but think "yes!" and actually be able to see myself in that outfit (well, this particular outfit is kind of hideous but you know what I mean).

Also cited in the article are Daisy Lowe and Lara Stone.

Doesn't that just make you feel better about yourself? She's wicked hot, and she (kind of) has thighs.

Hm. Lara is still really skinny. But wait! Look at that model behind her! Perspective, people.

I'm obviously not blasting people who are naturally skinny, but so few people actually look like that so it sets unattainable standards. Arguably that's what makes it desirable, but is that a good thing? I don't think so.

Of course, it's annoying to think that you'd have to already have an established reputation as a really thin model or have to come from famous parents to make it, but it's a start.

Also, I'm pretty pissed that people have told Karla she had huge thighs. Uhm, I'll take that personally, thank you. Athletic thighs kick ass! And Karla is so not fat, some people are just really bitchy and probably quite insecure themselves if they feel the need to point that out. Karla isn't even vaguely near being overweight, and how do they think making comments like that makes people who are on the heavier side feel? They're people too, and just because they're not a tiny size doesn't mean they can't like fashion. Alright, end rant.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Everythin' Gon' B R Right

Edit: I fail epically. But, um, it's fixed now. I hate photobucket (and my ineptness).

H&M fur coat. Target t-shirt. American Apparel bodysuit. Doc Martens boots.

My coolness oozes out and burns you all. I'm so cool, in fact, that in the 15 minutes I was gone outside taking these pictures my mom considered reporting me missing. Well. On a lighter note, this:

I look like I should be a dancer. Except not. I'm blaming this and this. I can't wait to find a way to show it off in it's full glory.