Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Looks Like A Stoner, Walks Like A Turkey

Lalala I look stoned. But now you can see just how short/straight-across my bangs are.

Forever 21 jacket. Customized Hanes t-shirt. American Apparel dress. H&M leg warmers. Converse sneakers.

Quantum of Solace simply didn't like up to my expectations after seeing Casino Royale. Sigh. Let's go see more action movies, Erika!

P.S. I started a lookbook.nu account! Holla if you want an invite.


Lyra said...

i'd love to cyberchill with you at lookbook.nu!
e-mail me a code at astriiid@gmail.com pretty please?


I love this blog, and the tittle!

Anonymous said...

Lol, you say you look like a stoner everytime but you never do.

yoharryo said...

Watching Quantum of Solace right after seeing Russell Brand on Letterman, I couldn't stop saying 'bang pregnant' after every gun shot.

Which Am Ap dress is that? Does it go up or end at the waist?

Also..lookbook looks cool. If you have any invites left, it would be awesome; hbuckminster@me.com
If none left then, whatever.

Suzanne said...

Cute!! :)

I totally agree with you about Quantum of Solace. First of all, he trashes his Super nice car within the first fifteen minutes, and he had practically no sweet gadgets!! His phone was pretty sweet though..
But yeah, it just wasn't Bond enough for me.