Monday, August 20, 2007


Today will forever be known as the day I fell in love with Marc. I went into the store on Newbury Street and, as I was checking the price tag on some cute rain boots, I gasped. The boots, which said "Marc Jacobs" very clearly (I'm NOT a label-whore! I'm not!), were only $28. Instant purchase. I also found a Marc by Marc tote bag ($12!) and some black fingerless gloves ($3!). I also tried out the new Daisy perfume (it smells wonderful!). Needless to say, I left very happy.

Here are my (super-cheap) Marc purchases:

Shoppin' On Newbury Street

Today I finally went back-to-school shopping! We parked, and, dragging my whiny little brother, shopped! After eating lunch at Bostone Pizza (formerly Newbury Pizza!), our first destination was Urban Outfitters, of course. It was several blocks, and we spotted some shops to check out on the way back. As we passed LF, I saw a 60% off everything sign and darted in before my mom could stop me. However, I left emptyhanded after being unable to decide whether the high-waisted denim shorts were worth the $67.... In Urbans, I immediatly went into supershopper mode! I located most of the items on my wish list (the black skinny jeans were M.I.A. though...) and tried them on. The hoodie was cute, but it didn't match well with my hair. I love red, but red clothes and reddish hair don't go together. :( I tried on the cardigan and my mom said she liked it, but when she found out is was $54 she was like, "That's a lot!" and I didn't want to pressure her or anything (as she was paying for the stuff) so I put it back. It wasn't that great. I found a cute, supersoft striped sweater by Damsel that was a steal at $28, and then my mom told me it was time to go. I almost had a nervous breakdown at that point because the parking meter is only paid for 2 hours, and we had to go all the way back in time. But I needed more time for shopping... so I grabbed the scarf as fast as I could and my mom approved, then went downstairs to check out. But I didn't have enough things yet! So I grabbed two striped camis off the 2 for $20 shelf and ran down, just as my mom was paying. I was mostly satisfied with my purchases at this point.

We went to Newbury Comics to look for a tote bag for school, which we didn't find, due to the fact I have my heart set on a Hollister one. However, I did find some cute striped over-the-knee socks that I've been eyeing for a while. Next, we visited Second Time Around, a store that sells vintage and used designer labels. They had some interesting things, but since we visited the smaller of the two Newbury Street stores there was nothing I liked in my size/price range. Then, in hopes of purchasing an actual cupcake to eat, we went into Johnny Cupcakes (I just wanted one the of t-shirts!) and were disappointed (well, my mom and my brother were) to find that the display cases we had seen were for clothes, not cupcakes. I snatched up a blue shirt and split the $36 with my mom, and also got a cute black and white cupcake pin. We made it back to the car, but I convinced my mom that we should feed the meter some more and then continue shopping, because I wanted to go to American Apparel. After sticking band-aids on my ankles (my flats were rubbing all the skin off!), we went down the more upscale end of Newbury Street ("Boston's version of Fifth Avenue" said the tour guide on a passing duck tour). We found American Apparel, and I checked it out but didn't see anything I liked enough to buy. So we went a bit further up the street in search of a café where we could get a real cupcake, and after not finding anything for several blocks, we turned back. Then we went to Marc Jacobs, but I'll blog about that later. ;)

And here's my loot:

Forever 21 v-neck sweater. Urban Outfitters scarf. BDG skinny jeans. Unionbay flats.

Damsel striped top. Daang Goodman for Tripp NYC skinny pants.

Urban Outfitters striped camis. Hollister skinny jeans.

Forever 21 sunglasses (my true love!). Johnny Cupcake t-shirt. Gap jeans I cutoff myself. Leg Avenue striped socks. Unionbay flats.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back-To-School Necessities

These are some things I would very much like to purchase for school this fall from Abercrombie Kids, PINK and Hollister.

The abercrombie Kate Velvet polo in gray and light pink. I simply must have an abercrombie polo, and these are two colors I'm debating. Of course, I love the blue but I already have so much blue so I think the pink or gray would be a better option. $25.

The abercrombie Maddy Skinny jean in medium wash. Abercrombie plus skinnies equals cool. (note: I know skinnies are going out, but screw whoever decided that! They just look that good on me. ;P) I'm not sure about the wash, as it may be too similar to my Hollister skinnies. $40.

These are the Hollister Cali Low Rise Flare is destroy wash. The perfect jean for my town, lol. $60.

This is the Skinny Fit hoodie from PINK by VS in black applique. It looks like this sweatshirt would match everything. $45.

If I buy all of this stuff, it will tally up to $170 (or $195 if I get both polos.) Damn. Why is this crap so expensive! *cries*

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Weird Obsession

I don't even know what is up with this trend, I guess it traces back to that adorable blue Luella tie t-shirt Avril Lavigne wore in the "Girlfriend" video. But I am totally obsessed. I just love the look. It's so rockstar-hipster-cool person and I just am so obsessed. I already have a white t-shirt from F21 with a black polka-dot tie and I think I'm going to have to get some more, such as these cute (and cheap) ones from Wet Seal. Sure, they're a bit cheesy, but WHATEVER!

UO Wishlist

At some point over the next week, I'm going to Urban Outfitters for a mini shopping spree that was a graduation present. Naturally, I've been scanning their website for the things that I'm going to get. Here's what I found:

I absolutely love this scarf. I actually saw it in-store and I fell in love. It would be perfect contrast to some of my preppier outfits. Nubby Striped Scarf with Lurex in Black, $18.

These jeans. Well, I want leather pants a la Kate Moss, and these a somewhat subtler option. If I got them a size or so up, they might be oh-so-cool... or a disaster. I'll have to see them in person. Lux Resin Coated Skinny Jean, $68.

I absolutely adore this graphic hoodie, and it would be perfect for fall. Again, I'd have to see it in person, but it reminds me of Kanye West and those Kid Robot hoodies... so cool. Truly Madly Deeply Celestial Printed Hoodie, $54.

Skinny armholes plus navy and white rugby stripes plus slouchy v-neck cardigan=perfection! 'Nuff said. UO Rugby Stripe Cardigan, $54.

Of course, no way I can afford ALL of that plus the other things I'm not going to post here, but I can dream, can't I?

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I was bored a while ago, so I decided to photograph a few outfits. The top one I actually wear, the bottom one... not so much. But I do like it....

This combines my kickin' J. Crew vest (on sale for $30!) with a white tank and navy shorts. Inspiration: Kate Moss.

A striped H&M dress with a thrift store houndstooth coat. Inspiration: mixing patterns & black and white on the runway

Back To School Fashion Lab Report, Pt. 1

Problem: How does on dress in a suburban high school? Hannah needs to have a killer back-to-school wardrobe!

Hypothesis 1: I will have a superb mix of high-fashion, rockerness, and preppy A&F that will stun her classmates without alienating them.

Hypothesis 2: I will fail miserably at keeping her resolution, and dress as a conformist, and people might still think she is a freak.

I'm rooting for 1!

1) Stock up on killer clothes from Urban Outfitters, A&F, Hollister, F21, Wet Seal, and H&M.

2) Assemble killer outfits from the said clothes.

3) Actually wear outfits to school.

4) Gauge reactions of her peers.

5) Write Data and Conclusion paragraphs, and post them on this blog!

If all goes well, this could be pretty cool. Or it could be a hottttt mess.

Um, hi again...

I haven't updated in such a long time (like 8 months)! I hope my (imaginary) readers will forgive me. I'm sure they will. XP