Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So What, I'm Still A Rockstar

Yeah, I felt like such a rockstar in this outfit. Well, y'know, I'm gonna be one one day, so why not dress the part?*

Wet Seal jacket. H&M vest and cami. Cut-up Hanes t-shirt (as tank top). Topshop pants. Converse sneakers.

We all laughed a lot over this.

*note the sarcasm. I have negative musical talent.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I Don't Care, I Like You

My mom got a new camera for her birthday, so I can have the old one. It's still a piece of crap, but now it's MY piece of crap.

I have a pair of ripped stockings which get more ripped with every wear. Seriously, this is the second time wearing them and they're practically all rippage. But anyway, I kind of took inspiration from Alexander Wang:

I went posing crazy in my parent's new bedroom.... I would have worn my Docs, but y'know, don't want to get their brand new carpet all dirty.

I love my goofy faces....

American Apparel cardigan and v-neck. Old Navy cutoffs. Ripped stockings. Target socks.

I can't really make sense out of this either.

I am so happy I get tomorrow off. And actually, I get three 4-day weeks in a row!

Photo Credits: Style.com

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gets Me Ticked Off...

I'm probably going to regret this post and delete it, but some of the Teen Vogue commentators are... interesting. In addition to "juicycoutureluvr" and the one who said I looked like I was from the holocaust, there are some other (more minorly) annoying ones. Like "eh.... sorry but idk if she really knows how to pose? might be hard during the photoshoot?" from ashleyberget and "you tried too hard" from juicylove (oh, I'm not wearing a logo track jacket and jeans so I'm trying to hard... alright shut up shut up enough Juicy bashing). Another interesting thing is that I absolutely did not create/photograph that outfit for the contest, it was just one of the many I (somewhat accidentally) entered. And I'll say it: it wasn't even a particularly good outfit. But it's the one that the Teen Vogue people chose, and I'm not going to complain if they think it has the potential to be in Teen Vogue (which would be the absolute bomb, but...). I'm probably just tired and irritable because what other people think about my clothes generally doesn't bother me. And I'm sorry that "effortless style" just isn't for me (doesn't mean I love Rumi any less though! Maybe I'll get there one day but I've got to be crazy while I can get away with it). Fortunately I also have a good amount of positive comments to cheer me up! And by the way, only 12 more days to vote!

Edit: You can see yesterday's outfit a bit better in this random pic from Chemistry... we were setting up a bunch of mouse traps (which are scary) to demonstrate a nuclear chain reaction and everyone was treating them like loaded guns i.e. moving them around using pens and keeping as far away as possible. Good times. And I feel better now.

Edit 2: Now I have another thing to be seriously pissed off about (way, way more than I was over the Teen Vogue thing). Since my computer died, I tried to connect my iPod to my mom's computer to see if it would let me sync it, so it said it detected songs that weren't in the iTunes library and asked if I wanted to transfer them to the computer. And what does it do? It deletes every song except for the ones I bought in iTunes. Which was like 20 in the past year. So over 1200 of my songs are gone. Fffffrick. Frick frick frick. The good news is there should be a way to get the memory off my old computer... but it won't happen for at least a week. Shizzzzz and I did not have everything backed up on CDs, obviously.

Edit 3: Wow, this is the day of the stalkerish pictures!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Like Your Turban

This outfit really didn't photograph well at 8 o'clock at night. It looked much crazier and better in real life.

I look dead here.

Martin+Osa sweater. Hollister tank top. Zara jeans. Forever 21 turban. Thrifted scarf. Old Navy wedges (which you can't see).

Those jeans are the most obscenely long ones ever. Like, I probably have slightly longer-than-average legs and I'm wearing at least 4 inch heels and they still brush the ground.... Anyway, these pictures are taken in my parents old room now that they've moved upstairs so very soon the room shall be mine! Yay! I'll finally have full length mirrors!

Friday, September 26, 2008


In my English class we have to write plays that take place in the 1920s and are generally about flappers, to relate to the fact that we're reading a lot of F. Scott Fitzgerald at the moment. Anyway, I love fuzzy black and white pictures. They're just so... glamorous. I don't know. But yeah. It was a pretty crazy time with a lot of craziness. Very descriptive. They make me want to bob my hair. "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" is the best story ever. Google it.

We're also going to be talking about the period soon in History... fun fun fun!

Some Call It Jezebel, I Call It Attention

Maybe I'm just a bad girl, bad girl! Gahh stupid Danity Kane. Get out of my head. Anyway, what I wore yesterday.

The lighting is really weird in these pictures (in the early morning) and my face looks all red....

Complimentary idiotic pose:

Wet Seal jacket. Forever 21 top. Cheap Monday jeans. Steve Madden heels.

I have a cold/allergies... I feel like crap. So does half the town apparently... this is why I hate fall. (otherwise I love it!)

Abercrombie/Hollister always say the weirdest stuff as the title of their emails... but "spray some, get some"? That's really ugh.... And this t-shirt:

I had a dream my history teacher hung this up in the classroom but folded the last two lines under it. Yeah. But I've been having really weird, freaky, random dreams lately. Miley Cyrus getting her lip pierced? Mmkay....

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

"They Used To Call Them Maxi Dresses, But That Was Before The Advent Of The Maxi Pad"

Yes, that's what my friend Erika said when she saw my dress. She is also going to force me to watch Skins. But I have not time; I'm barely up to date on Gossip Girl. Oh, and yeah I actually took an outfit pic yesterday. It was picture day so I used that as an excuse to force myself to actually flat iron my hair. It doesn't really look totally straight but it's sleeker. With the bangs it looked a little space-agey. I'm thinking of getting blunter bangs next. What do you guys think?

Wet Seal jacket. Vintage dress. Converse sneakers.

Yeah, all the pictures are from the same angle....

P.S. Post number 200! Now I feel old....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Used To Believe In A Lot More Things

My computer just died. Luckily there are two others at my house but that computer had all of my writing, photos, and music on it. It was acting totally fine but then the fuse blew so the power went out for a moment and now it won't turn back on. I'm making my mom call her computer expert friend. This is really really not good. Hundreds of songs I never got around to burning on CDs and a bunch of stories I've written. At least I have most of my photos on this blog or my mom's computer. Crap. It was 5 years old but it was a really nice Mac G4 tower... it wouldn't make sense for it to just suddenly stop working. That's it. I'm making my parents buy me a laptop. Which is not gonna happen because I just got an iPod Touch and this freaking never-ending renovation is really expensive. Sorry for ranting, but I had to get this out.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I Was Simply Too Lazy To Change My Pants

It was cooler today but I decided to wear these jeans again with the Docs again... this time looking even more Agyness-inspired. I would be surprised if 5 people at my school knew who Agyness Deyn is. But that's okay.

Thrifted Sonia Rykiel blazer. Urban Outfitters t-shirt and sunglasses. Destroyed by me jeans. Doc Marten boots.

It was very comfortable except all the skin was rubbed off the back of my ankles and my pants kept threatening to literally fall off my butt (they're all big and stretched out and weird). So it wasn't really that comfortable. But yeah.

I'm such a loser. We listened to our daily song in 20th Century History (because my teacher is seriously just that cool) and it was apparently Bob Geldof's band. So my teacher asked, "Anyone know why else he's famous?" Kind of ignoring the question, I raised my hand and was like, "His daughters are famous!" Then I realized no one would know what I was talking about and that it didn't answer the question at all. But I'm just awkward like that. At least I didn't say anything about "Peaches and Pixie".

My teacher also shared a story about how she had a pair of ripped jeans in college and she was at the supermarket and some man handed her a $5 bill and told her she needed money to buy new clothes. I'm waiting for someone to do that for me... free money! =P

Sunday, September 21, 2008

That Mew Is Nothing But A Flawed Specimen!

Yes, my title is quoting a Pokémon movie. I watched it while I was babysitting.

This is what I wore to study with Victoria in the library/lawn of her school. There stupid WiFi network is password protected. Yeah, I like to get dressed up to do nothing.

Vintage corset. Target t-shirt. Jeans distressed by me. Doc Marten boots.

At first I thought what it needed was some shoes like this:

But that would be too much with the corset, and of course there's also the fact that I own no such YSL shoes. And even if I did, there's the fact the I had to walk almost 2 miles to get to where I was studying.... With the Docs it kind of reminded me of this picture of Agyness.

Gosh I wish I had white Docs. Christmas?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Self-Contradictory Statements

Posting this outfit kind of contradicts the quote I have in my sidebar, but oh well. I feel like wearing something simpler today.


American Apparel cardigan. Target t-shirt. Thrifted Gap cutoffs which I butchered and made WAY too short. Old Navy leggings. Doc Marten boots.

And then there's this.

Um everyone's entitled to their own opinions...? Oh forget it, I'm tired of this "look at me, I spent $200 on a tracksuit and it's Juicy which is like designer, so I know much more about fashion than you!" And also she got pissy about vintage even though there is no mention of vintage anywhere.... Sigh, some people love to make idiots out of themselves on the internet. I'm not really insulted though, I actually laughed out loud when I read it, especially when I noticed the name. If you don't like fashion, why are you on a fashion website honey?

Friday, September 19, 2008

You Can Pay For School But You Can't Buy Class

I'm not intentionally looking like I want to kill someone in these pictures. That feeling however did occur earlier in the day during a certain hill workout.... Anyway, remind you of anything?

Forever 21 blazer & sweater. Topshop jodhpurs. Converse sneakers.

Yes, it's very sad I know, still stuck on that ancient Balenciaga collection. It's like these two combined, except my jodhpurs don't fit, I don't have a scarf (though I supposed I could try the old hipster scarf) and, ya know, it's not Balenciaga.

I have a blazer fetish. But seriously I tried every blazer in Forever 21 and settled on this one because it was the most different one from anything I have (though my only other blazer is the Wet Seal one). Plus it didn't look cheap, like most of the others did.

And I randomly found this in an obscure folder on my computer.... And realized I really like purple hair. And that Myspace scenesters are kind of sad.