Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Need To Destroy Things Creeps Up On Me Every Time

I think these pictures & videos summarize my vacation pretty well.

There was this awesome fire thing where all of the rednecks (that is, everyone) around the lake lit a bonfire with chemical treated wood and lit off fireworks even though they're apparently illegal....

I got this shirt to use for a Martin Margiela DIY:

For the first day of school I reprised this outfit, but yesterday I wore the following:

Wet Seal blazer. American Apparel v-neck. Ruehl shorts. Thrifted heels.

My creativity is killing me! I clearly had some issues getting the camera to the right height.... Anyway the main reason I wore those shoes instead of say my Docs (other than the 85 degree plus weather) was to show off my new mani-pedi (quite the treat... don't be thinking I get these regularly at all). You can't really tell in the photo, but I got black with fairly large red sparkles, which kind of brought Balmain to mind.

To describe my current state as dead wouldn't be too far off from the truth. It kind of hurts to look at my smiles in these pictures. At least my new running shoes came so my cross-country times better freaking improve.

I have been working on this post since Friday, which is really sad but I've been busy/dead and my parents are always hovering around... well they don't exactly know about this yet.


yoncto said...

lovely shoes! and nail polish.

WendyB said...

I'm excited for your Margiela DIY.

Anonymous said...

hey, im new at blogger.
link, me and i will do the same.
please and thanks.

simon n josh said...

Very cool shoes.

Loved the pic of you and the skunk..nice camel too.

Cait said...

Fun stuff. Hopefully, you'll to blogging when you want, etc. Stay creative.

Cheyenne said...

Those shoes are amazing close up!
My parents dont know about my blog either.... Telling them would be weird/embarresing/ risking a lecture about internet safety. I also dont tell any of my friends

hazel said...

i really wish i could find a cheesy t-shirt to do a lovely Margiela DIY....!!!

fashionista said...

Those shoes are HOT.