Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gets Me Ticked Off...

I'm probably going to regret this post and delete it, but some of the Teen Vogue commentators are... interesting. In addition to "juicycoutureluvr" and the one who said I looked like I was from the holocaust, there are some other (more minorly) annoying ones. Like "eh.... sorry but idk if she really knows how to pose? might be hard during the photoshoot?" from ashleyberget and "you tried too hard" from juicylove (oh, I'm not wearing a logo track jacket and jeans so I'm trying to hard... alright shut up shut up enough Juicy bashing). Another interesting thing is that I absolutely did not create/photograph that outfit for the contest, it was just one of the many I (somewhat accidentally) entered. And I'll say it: it wasn't even a particularly good outfit. But it's the one that the Teen Vogue people chose, and I'm not going to complain if they think it has the potential to be in Teen Vogue (which would be the absolute bomb, but...). I'm probably just tired and irritable because what other people think about my clothes generally doesn't bother me. And I'm sorry that "effortless style" just isn't for me (doesn't mean I love Rumi any less though! Maybe I'll get there one day but I've got to be crazy while I can get away with it). Fortunately I also have a good amount of positive comments to cheer me up! And by the way, only 12 more days to vote!

Edit: You can see yesterday's outfit a bit better in this random pic from Chemistry... we were setting up a bunch of mouse traps (which are scary) to demonstrate a nuclear chain reaction and everyone was treating them like loaded guns i.e. moving them around using pens and keeping as far away as possible. Good times. And I feel better now.

Edit 2: Now I have another thing to be seriously pissed off about (way, way more than I was over the Teen Vogue thing). Since my computer died, I tried to connect my iPod to my mom's computer to see if it would let me sync it, so it said it detected songs that weren't in the iTunes library and asked if I wanted to transfer them to the computer. And what does it do? It deletes every song except for the ones I bought in iTunes. Which was like 20 in the past year. So over 1200 of my songs are gone. Fffffrick. Frick frick frick. The good news is there should be a way to get the memory off my old computer... but it won't happen for at least a week. Shizzzzz and I did not have everything backed up on CDs, obviously.

Edit 3: Wow, this is the day of the stalkerish pictures!


WendyB said...

Just don't read that stuff. People are too crazy.

Elisabeth Moody said...

i know i hate that.
i want to rip off their dior mousturized neck.
i had a dream about that.
i watch too much t.v.
bad Mr. tv.
giving me evil thoughts.


p.r. (post rant)
i voted for you.

FashionSqueah! said...

I think you have a right to be pissed off when semi-anonomous people, who basically have no right to judge and nothing which qualifies them to bitch, basically rip an outfit of yours to shreds. Like you said, you created the outfits for yourself, not for the competition, if other people like them then it's a bonus! I dread the day my blog gets it's first "anonomous" hate comment - it hasn't happened yet! Char x

fashionista said...

I got so pissed when I read those comments! You looked adorable and GAHHH I want to smack every little Juicy "luvr" who says otherwise.

Isabel said...

Don't even give those haters the time of day. You are fabulous. We all know it. These people aren't even worth a mention.

This "fashionsqueah" who has never had an anononymous hate comment is really lucky. I've had an entire hate blog dedicated to me. Trust me, I know how you feel.

Lady Smaggle said...

Oh screw juicy and her stupid tracksuit pants. What a bitch. You're freakin fabulous girl and good luck!

Nice and Shiny said...

Yeah that's pretty pointless to just critisize on the TV comments, if they wanna say something constructive go for it but try to say something positive too!
I love that outfit with the turban, but to tell you the truth I didn't think you actually wore the turban to school! Shame on me for not trusing you, it looks fab! Hats were always a big deal at my high school, you couldn't wear them anywhere, not even the hallways!
Good Luck for the TV comp! <3

Hannah Cheeto said...

Thanks everyone!

Nice & Shiny, thanks for being honest. =) It's weird, in middle school hats were strictly banned but now in high school it's up to the teachers... and most of them let you wear them. Once a teacher did make me take off turban, and I wanted to say it was for religious purposes, but....