Sunday, October 21, 2007

A (Halloween) Dream Deferred

Halloween is coming up, and that includes my school's Halloween dance on Friday! So I was brainstorming costume ideas...

#1: Irina Lazareanu and Pete Doherty
You will need:
-brown wig w/ heavy bangs
-a menswear-inspired outfit
-a vacant stare
-Pete Doherty (this can be a guy pal or a even a blow-up doll/cardboard cut-out! Get creative)
-fake cigarettes/drugs/alcoholic drinks optional

#2: Rachel Zoe
You will need:
-long blond wig
-orange face paint
-liquid eyeliner to paint on wrinkles
-colorful paisley/Pucci minidress
-skeleton leggings. (I'm not sure if they make these, but if they do, it would be perfect to represent Zoe's general skeletalness...)

Unfortunately, both these costumes are too obscure and no one in my town would get them... it would be like when I was Edie Sedgwick last year. My mom really wants me to be Paris Hilton. I guess that will work.