Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mello Yellow*

The track meet went pretty well today, much to my surprise. I improved on my mile by 6 seconds! Yay! Except the bus got totally lost because we ended up with the senile old coach, so we took the very loooong way to the track. And our girls team won today! Our winter winning streak is coming back, hopefully (not that I'm that good that I actually score points). But anyway. Outfit.

Black Chandelier dress (printed on AA, baby!). Target tights. Bolaro (no, I don't know either) ballet flats.

I got the dress in Utah two Februaries ago, at this really cool store called the Black Chandelier. Unfortunately at the time I was not fully equipped to handle its awesomeness, and this year we didn't even go into Salt Lake City.... And it better get warm again, soon.

*I still don't know what this is, but whenever I see it I think of this saying my uncle likes to say while at his trailer home/camp thingy.... Um you probably don't want to know....

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

With A Little Bit Of Luck, We'll Survive

Alice Temperly for Target blouse. Old Navy shorts. Target tights.

I refuse to leave my wonderfully fire-warmed basement. I'm going to get my lungs checked out by a doctor... but I have an away track meet tomorrow so I'll be surprised if I have time to post.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Just Another Rainy Monday....

I just realized I haven't gotten my hair cut in over four months. Therefore I clearly need a haircut, and right now! Hopefully, my hairdresser will snip his scissors and my hair will look like this, except red:

and hopefully I won't forget to wear shirt under my unbuttoned vest.... But I'll probably just be talked out of it for the third time. My dad went so far to say, "Hannah, as long as we're the ones paying for your haircut, you're not getting bangs." But of course, they're hella impractical, especially for track. But I frickin' want them!

I wore my new clothes, except with my Cheap Mondays instead of the shorts because it was cold and rainy today (I went through all the trouble of flat ironing my hair this morning and then we had to run outside for track! I was soaked to the skin!). People were very interested in my hat. Two of my teachers tried to make it a class discussion, and both also asked, does it mean something, or is it just a fashion statement? I was forced to say it was a fashion statement, which sounds totally stupid. My friend Henrica, thankfully, told my art teacher something like "it's Hannah. It's what she does." But all the boys especially thought it was incredibly odd. They simply didn't understand it. And Erika, my fashion detractor, said she wanted to throw my hat in the trash can. But she's just Erika, and unabashedly honest about her opinions, and I learned not to be insulted by anything she says years ago. Girls also loved my shiny raincoat. Boys, maybe shocked by the combination of the Docs and the shiny silver, burst out laughing. But I'm not 100% sure that it was at me.

Incidentally, what is Miley Cyrus thinking? I'm sorry, but I don't know why should would do that... most of her fans are under the age of 10! And seriously, she's just 15—like three weeks younger than me!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Let's Go, G.N.O.!

I don't really like wearing skirts over pants. But this skirt needs something dark to counteract the ruffly floral-ness. And the pants are practically leggings, right?

Mossimo t-shirt. Hand-me-down American Eagle skirt. Lux skinny pants. Doc Marten boots.

I wore this with my silver raincoat to Kohl's and Market Basket. I got lots of looks and a few compliments. I never realized how bad Kohl's juniors clothes are until now. I kind of wanted to barf everywhere. It was kind of sad, though.

If you know what song the title is from, I laugh in your face.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

All Around The World

If you haven't been living under a rock (or aren't immersed in the online fashion blogging world), chances are you've seen this editorial, from this month's US Vogue. But I love it, I love superheroes, and I love Coco Rocha. She does it way better than Gwyneth.

Say what you like, Kate Moss is my god. (And I'm so getting my hair like that... even if my parents won't let me for some stupid reason about it being impractical, especially for running.)

Friday, April 25, 2008

I Am Attracted To Shiny Objects

Did I ever mention that I got that job at the clothing boutique? Well, anyway, I'm starting to work a bit, and I went in today for two hours. Fortunately, most of the things in the store are not really my taste (Juicy Couture anyone?) but being a shopper by nature I found something: a shiny silver knee-length wraparound rain coat by BB Dakota! It was on sale for just $30, plus I got my mom to pay for it because it was "practical". Score!

Excuse my "work" jeans and my way-too-long bangs....

Anyway, is this not the most hilarious thing ever? My brother is so funny... maybe it wouldn't be a good idea to leave a chocolate bar hanging in the back seat of a parked car on a 80 degree day....

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Members Only

Victoria and I hung out at her school yesterday, as she's not on vacation this week, and naturally we took some pictures outside in the beautiful weather, as well as in the music building, where we retreated when some people from my school who I would rather not see made an appearance. I wore almost everything new I had bought:

American Apparel v-neck (new). Old Navy shorts. Thrifted Doc Martens (new), army hat (new), and purse.

(I dislike the second picture but it gave a good sense of the outfit.) I visited Northampton, in western Mass., which is a pretty cool college town. I found the shirt at this random store (which wasn't American Apparel but they had "overstock") and the boots at this store called Sid Vintage for $65 (which at first seemed like a lot, but they were in good condition, plus I have been wanting them for a while, and they're $110 or so new). I was allowed to get them on the condition I wouldn't clothes shop anymore, which was okay with me because the next town we were visiting was rather on the depressed side and didn't really have many cool clothing stores. However, there was this antique market (that smelled like dead bodies) where I found the hat for just $8, and convinced my parents that I had to have it.

I absolutely adored Victoria's outfit as well!

And the post title... in addition to being the title of the Facebook album Tori put these photos in... well, more on that later.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Full of Filler

I just got back, but I don't really feel like taking any pictures so instead I'm just going to do this survey (though I did get some undeniably HIP things on my trip!) I've never done one of these before, but here goes:

8 Things I Am Passionate About
1. Fashion (durrr)
2. School (well, getting good grades...)
3. Music (listening to, not playing)
4. Reading blogs.
5. Watching Gossip Girl.
6. Dancing! (but I suck)
7. Monsieur Fifi! (don't ask)
8. Being sarcastic.

8 Things I Want to Do Before I Die
1. Go sky diving.
2. Get a tattoo.
3. Get something published.
4. Buy haute couture.
5. Travel to Africa.
6. Become fluent in a language other than English.
7. Live in a foreign country.
8. Eat roasted grubs (or other disgusting insects).

8 Things I Say Often
1. He/she/you're/they're on crack.
2. JK!
4. What the fuuuuhh.
5. xcore
6. That sucks.
7. You're so cool.
8. What!?
Basically, I'm a loser :P

8 Books I Have Read Lately
The seventh Harry Potter book (for the second time).
The fourth Gossip Girl book.
"New Moon" by Stephanie Meyer.
"Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens.
I don't remember what else....

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over
1. "Time To Pretend" by MGMT
2. "Bucky Done Gun" by M.I.A.
3&4. "Hot Commodity" and "I Got A Bottle" by Trina (it was a tie... yep, you know I'm so cool but um guilty pleasure much?)
5. "The Homecoming" by The Teenagers
6. Anything off Almost Here by The Academy Is... (they're having a major moment with me)
7. "G.I.N.A.S.F.S." by Fall Out Boy (because random demos rock!)
8&9. "Lyrical Lies" and "Teasing To Please (Left Side, Strong Side)" by Cute Is What We Aim For (honestly, I don't know why it had to be but it is.)
Gosh, this is not a very good list at all, but I couldn't think of much at the moment.

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends
1. They don't think I am(/pretend I'm not) a freak.
2. We can always find a way to have fun.
3. They make boring classes fun.
4. They always like stupid boys.
5. We like to make fun of each other jokingly.
6. They all have some amazing talent I don't have.
7. They make me feel good about myself. (cliché!)
8. We're basically the coolest kids in school.

Boring answers, right? But hopefully back to normal tomorrow....

Friday, April 18, 2008

Where Can I Find All These Stylish People? (Updated!)

Lately I have been obsessed with looking at the (mostly) amazingly dressed people on Facehunter, but just last week did I finally stop being lazy and finally create a folder to save and organize outfits I liked and that were inspiring. I divided them up by several categories. Recently, I've been loving the color black (despite the fact that just one year ago I didn't own a black thing...), paired with white and other colors and sometimes on its own. So naturally, I made some of my categories based on that.

Black and White:

This girl's baggy leather pants, oddly heeled shoes, and tailored white jacket stood out to me right away. Because I'm weird, I included where they're from as well. This girl was photographed in Paris.

I loved how ladylike she looks! I also dig the white tights.

And that's it for now, unfortunately, because at a certain time of day Blogger just doesn't want to work! It won't let me upload anything.... And apologies about my last, very self-indulgent and random post.

Update: It's working again, now that it's morning!

I love this lady! The fabulous shoes, the polka-dots, the opera gloves, the (hopefully faux*/vintage) fur stole (and the pose!), it's so fun when put together! She's in Paris, naturally.
I just love the sleeve detailing on this blouse, plus I'm intrigued by the things on her arms. Paris.

And, um, wow. I love your hat. Unfortunately, you live in Vilnius, Lithuania....

This girl looks like me, except a little emo-er. Plus she has suspenders, and they're RED! I really want red suspenders!

This girl also reminded me of me, because of her hair (obvs) and also because her look was so faux-business-casual, whatever that means, but I like it. I actually experimented with wearing socks with strappy heels this week, and I'll post pics eventually. Both these girls were from London.

I have a farmer's tan, as well as a sock tan, despite the fact I swore to use sunscreen. But it's not like I have sunscreen in track! I must bring some. I'm trying to use fake tan to fix my tan, which probably won't work and it smells really bad. But luckily I am on vacation now, which reminds me, I'm going away until sometime next week, so probably no posts....

*well it's kind of obviously not, but....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hannah Talks About Track For Her 100th Post

Well, I am very happy with track lately. Especially because I'm now on varsity (which is the top four of the eight girl milers, but still...), and I beat my previous personal record by 14 seconds today (I ran a 6:32 mile... not amazing but certainly decent). Though I have to say my relationship with running is kinda as this New Balance campaign says, I do really love it most of the time (but not, coincidentally, in my old, sucky New Balance shoes...). Today was a spirit day, so that explains my outfit:

Forever 21 jacket. Track t-shirt. Cheap Monday jeans. Converse sneakers.

Excuse my face in the second picture. But anyway, we were supposed to wear black, but I decided to wear my brand new hideously colored t-shirt (which I got for free!) on top. I looked a bit Halloween-y, but I think everyone got what I was going for. The t-shirt says "[my town] Distance" on the front and "recognize me now?" on the back. Yes, how cool am I.

I also found some wonderful pictures of myself on the track website:

This was from last week's meet. I'm hiding behind the girl in the back.

And then she passed me. Noo! But it's clearly because they have spikes and I don't, duh! (Plus my shorts... augh! I'm pretty sure that's the built-in bloomers though....)

And this super sexy pic from indoor track!

That's me!*

And that's me, pwning the other sprinters. Just kidding of course, but get well soon Christina :'(. You're like our best runner!

*Not really. I could never do the high jump! She just has similar hair....

And no, all these girls are not having wardrobe malfunctions. I just would rather people didn't know exactly where I lived.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

"Don't Waste Your Time With Politics," He Said, "Just Chase Skirts Instead"

H&M jacket. Abercrombie and Fitch polo. Forever 21 skirt. American Apparel footless socks. Converse sneakers.
I needed something to do with this polo, because I bought it last summer and due to massive style changes have only worn it once.

My leg muscles are scary, especially in the last picture.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Please Be Sure To Read The Fine Print

Dress sewn by me. Target tights and socks.

I like doing pictures like this. I got a request to post an outfit featuring knee socks and tights.... Also, someone named Anna requested that I post an outfit (I think) featuring my footless socks. I know what I'll be wearing tomorrow!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

So Desperately Obvious

I don't really have time to write anything right now, so I'll just post this amazing picture of Irina Lazareanu:

(I couldn't find the original picture, so I kind of stole it from Staccato of Hearts... it was so awesome I couldn't pass it by, but I hope she doesn't mind....)

Click picture for a bigger image

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Love Is A Self Timer

H&M vest. Twelve by Twelve cuffs. Hanes t-shirt. Abercrombie denim mini. Converse sneakers.

Forever 21 blouse. Lux by Urban Outfitters shorts. Forever 21 glasses. Mark Jacobs socks. Converse sneakers.

Twelve by Twelve sweater dress.

These are sort of what I wore this week. I just had what were basically the three busiest days of my life. I'm tired now. But in very good shape. Oh, and I'm working for the first time tonight!