Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mello Yellow*

The track meet went pretty well today, much to my surprise. I improved on my mile by 6 seconds! Yay! Except the bus got totally lost because we ended up with the senile old coach, so we took the very loooong way to the track. And our girls team won today! Our winter winning streak is coming back, hopefully (not that I'm that good that I actually score points). But anyway. Outfit.

Black Chandelier dress (printed on AA, baby!). Target tights. Bolaro (no, I don't know either) ballet flats.

I got the dress in Utah two Februaries ago, at this really cool store called the Black Chandelier. Unfortunately at the time I was not fully equipped to handle its awesomeness, and this year we didn't even go into Salt Lake City.... And it better get warm again, soon.

*I still don't know what this is, but whenever I see it I think of this saying my uncle likes to say while at his trailer home/camp thingy.... Um you probably don't want to know....

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Wendy said...

Good job for PRing! I love the dress combined with the mustard tights.