Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hannah Talks About Track For Her 100th Post

Well, I am very happy with track lately. Especially because I'm now on varsity (which is the top four of the eight girl milers, but still...), and I beat my previous personal record by 14 seconds today (I ran a 6:32 mile... not amazing but certainly decent). Though I have to say my relationship with running is kinda as this New Balance campaign says, I do really love it most of the time (but not, coincidentally, in my old, sucky New Balance shoes...). Today was a spirit day, so that explains my outfit:

Forever 21 jacket. Track t-shirt. Cheap Monday jeans. Converse sneakers.

Excuse my face in the second picture. But anyway, we were supposed to wear black, but I decided to wear my brand new hideously colored t-shirt (which I got for free!) on top. I looked a bit Halloween-y, but I think everyone got what I was going for. The t-shirt says "[my town] Distance" on the front and "recognize me now?" on the back. Yes, how cool am I.

I also found some wonderful pictures of myself on the track website:

This was from last week's meet. I'm hiding behind the girl in the back.

And then she passed me. Noo! But it's clearly because they have spikes and I don't, duh! (Plus my shorts... augh! I'm pretty sure that's the built-in bloomers though....)

And this super sexy pic from indoor track!

That's me!*

And that's me, pwning the other sprinters. Just kidding of course, but get well soon Christina :'(. You're like our best runner!

*Not really. I could never do the high jump! She just has similar hair....

And no, all these girls are not having wardrobe malfunctions. I just would rather people didn't know exactly where I lived.

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Victoria said...

That DOES look like you on the high jump... whoaz.

Uhm yeah your first outfit is wicked cool, even if it includes the school track t-shirt! You look like a rocker. Bahahaha.