Monday, April 7, 2008

Gasping For Air

Last night I went through a bunch of photos on Facehunter, saving ones that I found inspiring. One picture that really struck me was this one: not only is the girl absolutely adorable and in possession of an amazing haircut, but she was wearing clashing prints! And she looked fabulous!

So with the idea of clashing animal print with geometric print, I planned my outfit today:

Urban Behavior cardigan. Target t-shirt. Claire's clichéd hipster scarf. Cheap Monday jeans. Jeffrey Campbell brogues (oops! Forgot to put them on for the picture!).
The clashing perhaps wasn't so obvious, because the colors were fairly similar, but it definitely made my outfit somewhat more interesting. I also noticed that every part of this outfit, except for the shirt, I got on sale for wicked cheap. Haha! I also feel really smart because I figured out how to wear the scarf the right way. Before I was folding it up to small... duh!

Did you really think I wasn't going to talk about my personal life? Haha, sucker. Anyway, because I'm just so cool, on Saturday I tagged along to my brother's 10th birthday party at the new laser tag place, LaserCraze! It was actually pretty fun, despite the fact I kept almost knocking over small children who kept running into me (well, it was kind of dark...). I'm fairly certain LaserCraze practiced discrimination in their hiring techniques, because all their employees were skinny and attractive. There was one really hot guy who was working the counter where you exchange your tickets for prizes.

Organized chaos... yep. I had more pizza that all of my brother's anorexic friends combined (well, almost). It was good though!

Sharing my drink with the birthday boy....

Me and this man who my brother's friend referred to as Hulk Hogan. I don't know who he is, honestly.

And a tragedy: I have to wear brace elastics again! Noooooooo!


Sister Libby said...

I feel your pain with the braces thing. That sucks. And I like your sweater.

Anonymous said...

Love your blog!

Isabel said...

I love that Facehunter pic - i even wrote about it a while back!

Hannah Cheeto said...

Isabel, I knew I already saw it somewhere!