Monday, April 14, 2008

Please Be Sure To Read The Fine Print

Dress sewn by me. Target tights and socks.

I like doing pictures like this. I got a request to post an outfit featuring knee socks and tights.... Also, someone named Anna requested that I post an outfit (I think) featuring my footless socks. I know what I'll be wearing tomorrow!


jess said...

congrats on making the dress it looks nice. is that the first thing you've sewn?

Hannah Cheeto said...

It's pretty much the first thing I've sewn. I had some help from my mom, though, so it turned out pretty well.

Anna said...

I was thinking if you could wear the same outfit as you do here, but with a closeup on your feet.
(The pic were you are wearing the kneesocks

Hannah Cheeto said...

Oh, I get it now! I'll do it sometime....