Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Raining Insulation

I really like different shades of gray:

Erin Fetherson for Target cardigan and t-shirt. Old Navy bubble skirt (from 2 years ago!). Urban Outfitters tights.

It was a typical early Spring day in New England: 25 degrees F in the morning, 55 in the afternoon. So I wore this comfy sweater, which I hadn't worn in a while and I felt bad for it (uh-huh, Hannah...). And I wanted to wear these tights, and I thought it was cute with the skirt (I was kind of inspired by Eunice's similar outfit she wore a few days ago.)

And my house is a massive construction site:

Annoying now, but it will be wonderful in the end!


Victoria said...

I like the construction pictures for some reason. The last one is pretty.

Can I please borrow those tights? They are sexxay.

jenny h. said...

i like your outfits!

check out my blog

leave me a comment and tell me what you think :)

the iron chic said...

You live in Mass?
Sometimes I go there to visit my brother.
He lives in Newburyport. Is that anywhere near you?

Hannah Cheeto said...

the iron chic-
Newburyport is kinda close to me, I've definitely been there a few times!