Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Spending Money I Don't Even Have

Well that's Hannah for you. She's quite the shopping addict. Especially when it comes to very inexpensive clothes. Especially Forever 21. So yeah, I just ordered $82 worth of stuff despite the fact I barely even have that much money. But I got some great stuff!

This collar/cuff set was what initially drew me to the website. After I saw Susie Bubble showing off her Twelve by Twelve purchases I knew I had to have the blatant Miu Miu ripoff.

I've been looking at this sweater dress for quite a while—since this old post I did on Twelve by Twelve back in December. So much for superfast product turnover! And now it's marked down from $49 to $23.99! Yay! How could I resist?

I should have been done there, but I had to check out the main Forever 21 website as well, and lo and behold! A turban! I love/am creepily obsessed with turbans! Does this look familiar? Dilemma of Dilemma Knows Fashion posted it, in baby pink, at the end of January and by some miracle it's still on the website. I can't wait!

Then I was at the point where I could check out with what I had and pay $9 shipping, or buy $20 more stuff and get free shipping. Guess which one I chose. I actually enlisted my mom to help me pick stuff out. She zeroed in on this skirt, and I thought it was pretty cute, though it did seem like something I could find in a thrift store or something. But only $15!

I still needed $5 more, so I picked out this ring. C, for Cheetos!

But wait! I still needed $1 more to get that free shipping. So I saw these clear-lensed glasses and was like, heck yes! Add to cart! As the description say, fashion without the prescription! (Though I do have prescription glasses... but my vision seems to have gotten worse so I'll be needing new ones soon... hmm... I want Wayfarers! My current ones are less nerd and more sexy librarian).

So that's how I spend $82 on things I really didn't need, but wanted very much.

And oh yeah, I wore clothes today (Ha. Ha. Ha.). It was amazingly enough 65 degrees F, so I had to dress warmly. But for some reason I had to cover my calves, so I had to wear high socks. So this outfit, though not completely satisfactory, is what I ended up with. I got some looks for my... um... colorfulness.

H&M vest that I practically live in. American Apparel lamé bra. Johnny Cupcakes athletic shorts (according to my friend, these are actually underwear...). Socks from Newbury Comics (forget brand).

p.s. Happy April Fool's day! I'm not even gonna try to pull a prank on my readers. The only prank I pulled today was on my World Civ teacher, and it only halfway worked because she's really gullible but I'm really unconvincing. She was checking the homework and she asked where mine was. I told her, "I'm boycotting homework this week" (hahaha I don't even know where that came from). She looked confused and was like, "Why?", figuring I had some good reason. I cracked up, and she was like, "Wait—is it April Fools?" Yay Mrs. Russell! Oh yes, and yesterday (it should have happened today because it would have been a hell of a lot funnier) I got accused of skipping class a few weeks ago when I had been in the nurse's office. I told the guy (I was almost in tears, because that's the kind of person I am) "I have never skipped class in my life!" He was just like "Uh-huh, yeah right". For a few moments I had no idea of where I had been on March 17th but then I realized I had gone home sick that day. I told him so and he, practically rolling his eyes, told me to go to the nurse and get proof or face three detentions. I was incredibly pissed, but of course I got proof and was cleared of all charges. But I'm still kind of pissed, because a lot of people saw me (my school does a thing where it calls everyone who cut class to the office by grade, so a lot of people I kinda knew were there) and thought I had actually skipped class. Oh, my poor reputation! I guess it's not that big of a deal.... (Sorry about going on and on....)


Victoria said...

uhm... I seriously wore a really similar outfit today, I didn't take pics but I'll have to show you... hahah that's hilarioso.

Victoria said...
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Sister Libby said...

That's weird, because I wore knee high socks and shorts today too. No joke, I'm not April fooling. I liked your story about your World Civ. teacher.

Isabel said...

That collar/cuff thing is reall cool.

rohwy said...

dude i ordered the collar and cuffs too! ahhh hanns we have too many similar clothes... :x lol entertaining post. :P
ms. russell is so clueless. hearing from you and several others.

dude that sucks... about the last story. i hate when i get accused. cause i'm just that innocent!

Jo said...

I love the glasses and the turban!
Can't wait to see what you do with them!

Caroline said...

i like that zippered dress! i saw it, and considered it, but alas i have no money. hahaha

Deniz said...

ı like this socks...