Saturday, March 29, 2008

AA Overload....

Now, interestingly enough, one of my very favorite designers is Maison Martin Margiela. For some reason I just love his clothes. The SS08 collection was one of my favorites, as evidenced by my computer background:

Great for freaking out my family/friends!

So anyway, I was thinking about how to replicate some of his outfits on a cheaper scale. Of course, for the first half of the collection I could easily turn to American Apparel:




clearly equals

(I know the actual socks aren't striped, but the other ones are ribbed/too sheer and I just like the athletic-socks thing.) It only costs $115! But, when exactly would you wear such a thing? Very good point, Hannah.

Next up he showed those cheesy fantasy-imaged t-shirts, restyled as tube dresses:

Not too hard for a DIY project, no? (I like this t-shirt.) But while I can imagine completely trashing a pair of jeans to get my desktop look, the fetish-worthy sharp-shouldered jacket will be much hard to do. Though I am considering stitching some shoulder pads onto my Forever 21 blazer....

p.s. I sorta did a way less extreme copy of the first outfit today... it's not that great though.

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Isabel said...

Those fantasy shirts are hilarious! I found a purple one with unicorns at a thrift store, but neglected to buy it. It would be really cool if you found one and wore it as a tube dress!