Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Accepting Donations

Yes, I went shopping yesterday with my fashion buddy Eunice, on Newbury St. in Boston. I managed to spend most of the remainder of my money. I need shoppers anonymous or something. But yeah. I just spend 4.5 hours working on a project (making a medieval version of Vogue for World Civ... fun but tiring...) so I don't really feel like talking about the trip, so I'll just say it was really fun and we had a crapload of amazing food at Fire and Ice. Oh yeah, and my parents finally let me go into the city by myself (well, with a friend, but without a parent). Of course, Newbury St. is a pretty safe place, being all high-endish and stuff, and the weirdest thing that happened was this random guy in girl jeans coming up to me and asking where I had got my pants (they were my electric blue Tripp ones). So yeah, nothing really weird.

I got some pretty awesome stuff, though. The main thing I got were some Cheap Monday jeans for just $20 at Filene's basement (they're basically these ones, except black). Unlike last time, I didn't have "competition" over the jeans (haha Tori) because Eunice won't buy Cheap Mondays because they're anti-Christian and also she doesn't really wear jeans much anyway. I honestly don't care, because as far as I know buying Cheap Mondays isn't supporting the massacre of Christians or anything and I'm not particularly religious myself, though Satanists scare the crap out of me. But I digress. At Filene's, Eunice tried on an awesome Proenza Schouler bandage skirt (it was this one that opened the SS06 collection, actually) but it was size 10 and still like $300, so she passed on it.

I also got a t-shirt at H&M. It has suspenders printed on it *sigh*. I was going to try on some wide-leg jeans (for only $25!) but the dressing room line was seriously looong. Like, crazy-long. And, I got these completely fabulous skinny satin pants from Urban Outfitters. They were the last pair, and they were marked as $30 but because of a rip in the fabric just below the waistband (I know, but they look so good, and it's hard to notice... kind of... I can sew it up!) I got them for $20 (the first lady tried to give me 10% off and I was like, WTF. That makes sense if a button is missing but not if there's a 3 inch rip in the butt).

We went into the brand new Zara (!), but it was actually pretty disappointing. I got really excited because I found what I thought were jodhpurs, but they just looked like it because of the odd way they were being hung on the rack; they turned out to be (see-through) skinny suit-type pants. And to add insult to injury, I was two sizes larger than I normally am (but I'm blaming the 3-course lunch!). Every thing was incredibly overpriced ($80 for said pants, and $19-24 for a t-shirt) but they did have some cute stuff. The focus seemed to be on business clothes, though. Oh yeah, they also had some awesome leather motorcycle(-style) jackets.

At Second Time Around Vintage (the one we went into was less vintage and more designer clothes on consignment), I found several things I liked: a pair of stiletto-heeled, pointy-toed hiking boots, and a Topshop (OMG!) skirt in a tribal print. The skirt was an 8 (in British sizes), so it was a bit too big and plus it was, even at my waist, knee-length and poofy. I can deal with mini-poofy, but I don't really like longer-poofy, at least on myself. And it was $28. The boots were love, but they turned out to be Manolo Blahnik and $95 despite their beat-up condition. Plus there was the little problem that they were a size 7, and I'm a size 8.5-9 person.

Well, I did end up talking about the trip a lot.... Hopefully I'll start posting outfit pics again this week!

I watched the movie Sicko last night. It was seriously eye-opening. Wow, our healthcare system is so crappy and corrupt. Did you know that terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay have easier access health care than many Americans?


rohwy said...

haha competition... glad you had fun :] hope you feel better!

bonjour Victoria kirei said...

LSKDFLKJ!!!! They were $20 ?!?!?!?!?! YOU are lending me those jeans sometime. Please?

I need to go to Shoppers Anonymous too (is that a real thing?). I've spent over $400 on clothes, just this month. And now I want to buy Ralph Lauren and a lot of other random shit. gah.

Isabel said...

Oh my, Cheap Monday jeans! i don't think I have a shopping addiction, but there isn't much I wouldn't do for a pair of Cheap Mondays...

Plus, the H&M suspender shirt sounds badass. You are too cool. Le sigh.