Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Just A Sheep

The new Kate Moss for Topshop is just in, and being someone who irrationally loves Kate Moss, naturally I thought there were a few pieces I would like to wear.

This one was an obvious choice. I'm loving prep school blazers right now.

This shorts seem pretty darn awesome. I'm not usually a big embroidery fan but here it looks good.

Not my usual style but I like it! It could be pretty fabulous....

Just another cute but boring polka-dot dress right? But them BAM: there's this stuff coming out the back! (Can't you see I'm excited?)

But no way in a million years is this worth £150. That's $300!

And just because I'm a ho, I'd like to get this t-shirt:

I'm a sucker for anything with her face on it. Even if it's tacky as hell.

In other news, Pete Wentz is designing a new clothing line for Nordstrom. I really wish he wouldn't. I mean, Cladestine is ugly enough. And his DKNY line didn't do much for me either.

(can anyone tell I was just reading Fashionista?)

I've been sick, so my outfits have been kind of really ehh. But track started today! And my outfit yesterday was very Balenciaga FW07-influenced. Yes. Still doing that.


Isabel said...

Sequin cape + Kate Moss = everything that is good in the world.

the iron chic said...

Where did I read today that this line failed?
I can't see that happening, girls love this kind of stuff.

Jo said...

I'm still doing Baclengiaga FW07....

Still loving it *sigh*