Wednesday, March 19, 2008

La La La I'm So Dumb

I just ran 4 miles in 36 degree weather. In the pouring rain. In a t-shirt and leggings. And I already had a cold. Smart. But anyway....

I have been dressing horribly today. I'm waking up a bit later so I have like no time. Excuses, excuses.

I want this in black/white/asphalt. I know, more American Apparel. But I especially want the black right now.... The only question is what to wear under it. Nothing is not an option, obviously, and under the white one I'd definitely go with my silver lamé bra. But other wise... I don't think they would look as good with, say, a tank top under them. Hm. I'll have to see how low they actually are....

I also want these. I really need some black skinny jeans (and yes, I know you have these Victoria. I actually have them in a different color, just like five sizes too big). I'm actually in serious need of jeans right now. My one good-fitting pair of skinnies has, as I have mentioned before, a massive rip in the crotch. I want to get a replacement pair, but I also don't particularly want to get them at Hollister.... Plus they don't have the exact wash mine are. Wah. AND they cost $10 more than when I got them! What the hell, Hollister crack heads. And of course I also need these, once I figure out my size. And I still don't have high waisted ones (though the Cheap Mondays are pretty high)! Augh. All of my other jeans are too big. It's really annoying me right now. Maybe it's a sign that I need to start wearing jeans less. Though, I do wear shorts and tights about as often as I wear jeans. And, I'm planning on altering the Uniqlo bootcut jeans which I purchased (completely stupidly, they were the one pair of non-skinnies in the store, despite the fact that I despise bootcut jeans, partially to the fact they look like crap on me) into skinny jeans.

Oh my god, that turned into one big incoherent rant. But no school Friday!

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