Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mall Rat

Today I went to the mall. Again. This time only accompanied by my mother, resolutely refusing to by me anything, though for reasons understandable. I didn’t buy much—just the black H&M vest with an impractical amount of buttons I had been eyeing. Good thing, too, even though I just found $70 of leftover Christmas money. In Forever 21, I either have good shopping days or bad shopping days. Today was the latter; nothing really seemed appealing to me, except the corseted high-waisted jeans on the mannequin. Unfortunately, they were a size 27, as I discovered as I frantically molested the mannequin in an attempt to get them off, and ill-fitting. The saleslady told me that all the other high-waisted jeans had sold out within a week. I wondered who had bought them, especially considering I was at the rather ghetto-er of the malls, as evidenced by their horrible Macy’s. Not that ghetto people can’t be stylish. With a feverish desire for high-waisted jeans, I headed to other stores which I thought might carry them. The ones in Wet Seal were just disgusting, and the wide-leg ones I found at Urban Behavior were also unfortunately cheap-looking. The ones at a new store, the name of which I forget, were very close, but the jeans weren’t truly high-waisted, just two or three inches above “normal” (i.e. low rise), but they were very close. Again, their $40-ness was evidenced by the fact that the zipper wasn’t fully zippable (almost, but not quite… plus inexpensive stores have yet to learn not to use tacky gold hardware…). Also, the saleslady was inexplicably convinced I needed a bigger size, from before I even tried the jeans on. They seriously weren’t that tight. I almost got them, but I wasn’t completely sold. So I passed on them. I also went into Gap, knowing that they stocked jeans for the people who never stopped wearing the high waist, but the two “mid-rise” styles suffered from horrible cuts (I absolutely hate bootcut) and washes (whiskers on ugly midwash jeans never work). But I convinced my mom to take me to Target afterwards with the intention of checking out the Jovovich-Hawk collection.

I tried on this dress and this dress, but neither fit me. The first one was very sack-ish, and the hem was extremely cheap-looking. The second… well, the first size I got didn’t fit because of my bust (despite the fact that it is not very large), so I had to try the next size up, which ballooned hopelessly around the stomach area. I did, however, find a nice, plain white mens t-shirt, and I also bought a pack of little boys’ Hanes tees at the recommendation of numerous commenters on I have yet to try them on and see if the $6.50 the 5-pack cost was well-spent or wasted. So basically I got six plain white tees, which I may of may not wear. I also found a two-pack of tights with black and bright yellow which I purchased. I’m not sure how I’ll style them though.

In other news, my favorite skinny jeans have an ever-expanding crotch rip. I am very sad.


Isabel said...

I feel your pain. Crappy shopping days are just the worst. Probably why I don't remember the last time I was in an actual mall.

Anonymous said...

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