Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Vapidity of Spring Materializes

As I was making the measly purchase of one $6 black camisole in H&M last Sunday, I spotted something that piqued my interest: H&M Magazine. No, not catalog, not lookbook, magazine. Magazine! And better yet, it's free! I have nothing to lose but desk space. Must. Get.

As to be expected for a free catalog put out by a massive, fast-fashion clothing chain, it is somewhat bland and very much advertising. The contents consist of a generic Sienna Miller interview, several editorials featuring H&M clothing, a showcasing of fashion and beauty trends for spring, a London shopping guide (London! London! London! Hip! Hip! Hip! seems to be the message these days, not that I disagree...), a vaguely interesting (and rather ironic) article about the far too fast pace at which the fashion world progresses, and what appears to be a pair of Hammer shorts for little girls, among others. It could have been far worst, but something about it seemed very boring and recycled (in a non-ecofriendly manner). Quite passable, I would say, but nothing extraordinary in the least.

Totally unrelated, I really like my outfit today, but things just weren't working out for a picture.... And the walls to the room I am in currently are boarded up and the heavy rain is dripping in. It's rather disturbing... as are my very bad puns.


Isabel said...

I discovered H&M magazine in Paris, 2 years ago, methinks. So its been around for a while. I agree, its a very pretty magazine but little substance. Oh well!

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