Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Get Crackin' Get Get Crackin'

Wow. I actually took an outfit picture today! It's a horrible dark picture, but better than nothing, right?

Forever 21 jacket. Old Navy dress and wedges. Mom's old tights.

My outfit was loosely inspired by this:

And here are the "life-changing" shoes as seen on (which I got for $23) from Old Navy.

In other news, I get further and further from being able to have a life.


Anonymous said...

ohhhh! cute outfit--the shoes are fabby!

btw, if you don't mind...which old navy dress is that?

Hannah Cheeto said...

Hey anonymous! The dress isn't on the website, but it's a shift dress with a sort of green, brown, and white print which is vaguely leopard-ish.... I know the picture is horrible!

Anonymous said...

oh, okay. it's so pretty on you! thanks for the info!

P.Y.T. said...

WTF! Old Navy is going to get an old visit from me someday soon. I think those shoes have changed my life already.