Saturday, March 29, 2008

Another Week of Outfits


H&M vest. American Apparel dress and "footless socks".
The only thing I'm doing today (other than the great [and I'm actually not being sarcastic] five mile run for track. But my legs hurt because some asshole stole my brand-new running sneakers so I had to use my old, beat-up ones... and if you're a runner then you know that your shoes make a huge difference....) is going to the movies with Victoria to see The Other Boleyn Girl. We really wanted to sneak into Funny Games but the poophead movie theatres aren't playing it within a reasonable distance.


Forever 21 sheer blouse. Gap black shirt and cutoff shorts. Hue tights.
I got the idea for this outfit when I say a lady at Fire & Ice wearing a sheer black blouse over a black turtleneck, and it looked really good. Unfortunately, this outfit photographed horribly, and the mirror is a mess due to the massive construction site that is my house. But it looked better in person.


Cheap Monday jeans. H&M t-shirt.
This is not actually the outfit I wore Thursday. I really wore Tori's black skinny jeans (which were low rise, unfortunate considering the shirt was kinda short). But this is close enough, and it actually looks better, especially with the shirt tucked in. How cool am I? (Unfortunately the shirt refused to go straight....)


H&M vest. Mossimo mens t-shirt. Lux satin pants.
I love love love these pants, but unfortunately as I mentioned two posts ago they have a hole! So a long shirt was needed. (And that would be one of my cutie kitties, Stryper, jumping up onto the radiator!) Oh yes, here a picture of the damaged merchandise I purchased:

I didn't even notice the H&M shirt had a hole until I got home!

And in case you forgot what I wore Wednesday, here's pictures with much better lighting:


Sister Libby said...

Oh, I adore your clothes. Effortless looking...

bonjour Victoria kirei said...

Whoa, Thursday's outfit looks cool! In the front the suspenders print is kind of convincing, haha.

Stryper is a CUTAYYY.

chase girl said...

ohh I love tuesday's outfit a lot!

Alix d'Laire said...

your thursday outfit. is amazing. wear it. often.
your wednesday outfit is also very nice.

Deniz said...

this shoes!!!
not good one not good choise
everything fit on you good
but this shoes not..