Monday, March 3, 2008

The War In Me Makes A Warrior

Gosh, I was tired today. This actually seems to be a theme lately—must be the fact that track is over. But it starts again next week! Hello, exercise, goodbye, life. Oh well.

Forever 21 blouse and headband. Abercrombie jeans.
I knew I wanted to wear my new blouse today, but I really didn't know what to wear it with. Originally it was black leggings and a gray ruffled skirt (I felt incredibly goth) but it wasn't quite right and then I remembered that I had my first day of "Environmental Adventures" (or something like that) in science so I had to wear long pants or face freezing to death. These jeans actually turned out to look better, though they seriously fall off my backside due to their extreme lowness (but I was still wearing the leggings underneath, thankfully).