Thursday, March 13, 2008

Always Up or Down, Never Down and Out*

This outfit just made me feel incredibly awesome & rock star minimalist chic-ish (does that make any sense?):

Forever 21 jacket. Mossimo mens t-shirt. American Apparel leggings.
It's so funny. My one friend hates it whenever I wear leggings as pants (which has only been twice, but still...). She kept saying "but you're not wearing pants. You need to get some pants." Of course, I'm used to her but still I find her incredibly entertaining.

And today's outfit:

Forever 21 top and socks. Gap jeans, "altered" by me. Target tights.
In the very yellow bathroom again because the window in my parent's room (soon to be my room, complete with double closets and full length mirrors!) is being replace and their are all sorts of construction dudes walking around.

And my fabulous winged eyeliner (inspired by a spread in this month's Teen Vogue):

This really isn't a great pic but it's more vivid than that. But you get the idea....

*random song lyrics that are stuck in my head, as the titles to my posts often are....

1 comment:

fritha louise said...

I love your striped top. All your great Forever 21 clothes make me really jealous we don't have the store in the UK!