Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why Oh Why

I have just returned from yet another shopping trip, this time at the local(ish) mall. Atypically, I didn't go with my mom or shopping buddy Victoria and instead I went with my other friends Ally and Leslie. And we saw about 20 people from our school there. But yeah. Anyway, I got some pretty good stuff. The only problem is, I spent literally half of the all the money I have and it wasn't even that much. So basically I am poor. Time to mooch money off my mother. But yeah, I got some great stuff from (of course) Forever 21.

I also got a black cami to wear under the sheer blouse. The jacket was actually missing two buttons, so I got a 10% discount (which was hardly worth it—$3.28? But it really was because otherwise I would have gone over the amount of money I had. Plus, the buttons were super cheap-looking so I'm sewing on new ones anyway). But yeah, I have this weird blazer fetish. I obviously didn't get a real (old! so three seasons ago!) Prada turban but they had a convincing knockoff headband (in silvery gray) so I had to snap it up. Unfortunately it isn't a full-head turban, but it's still cute. And the tie-dye thing was a total impulse buy... ooh look this reminds me of [insert name of collection her that is seriously slipping my mind! Augh!], I must buy it! Even though bubblegum pink doesn't even vaguely match my hair.

And of course, as soon as we go into H&M they have all these AMAZING clothes, and I have literally $0.33 left. I really need one of the black vests, and the other adorable things I saw! Ahh!


Isabel said...

Oh my, the sheer blouse is wonderful. I want one!

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