Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Hess Truck's Back And It's Better Than Ever

Yay, I'm back with a crapload of pictures.

I call this look business hippie:

Forever 21 jacket and headband. American Apparel dress. Minnetonka boots.


H&M sweatshirt. American Apparel dress. J. Crew vest.

In honor of the puppet-themed dance performance I was putting on, I decided to dress as dolly-adorably as possible. Considering the fact that I'm 5'7" and... well basically not a Harajuku girl, this looks a little bit saccerine.... But oh well. I actually wore this exact outfit a lot last year, in my Abercrombie-and-skinny-jeans days.

Forever 21 blouse, jumper, and headband (do I not buy way too many clothes there?). Aldos boots.
Just chillin'....

J. Crew vest. Old Navy dress and leggings.

I'm going to the mall today. Again.

P.S. I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger was having issues.... And the title, well, that annoying jingle is stuck in my head for some reason. I look really stoned in all these pics because some of my FIERCE DANCE MAKEUP didn't wash off, and I was too lazy to use makeup remover....

Hella fierce! Plus, I got an (almost) free hat!

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