Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Owe You 1, 2, 3

Finals week has not been kind to me. They weren't nearly as bad freshman year. Of course now there are, um, other factors. And I had to leave in the middle of my math final so Monday isn't a day off after all because I have to go in to make it up. Gahhhhh.

In other news, after watching Blade Runner I felt inspired on Tuesday to dress kind of like I'm a character in a Sci Fi movie. It kind of turned into "throw a bunch of random things together" but oh well. I thought I looked totes BA. Evil smirk:

Wet Seal jacket and cuff. DIY top (worn backwards!). H&M dress (skirt). Random white tights I got a while ago but just found. Doc Martens boots.

Some people were wondering about why I thought chemistry=death. Well, with the individual units over the course of the year I was fine, but having to remember all the stuff in the end for this huge test? Not so much. I despise studying and can rarely bring myself to do it for long, so... first-ever high school B. I can't really complain that much about it, though. Any dreams I had of going into (chemical) science have been shattered.

Monday, January 26, 2009


The title says it all. Backwards.

H&M faux fur jacket. American Apparel cardigan. Forever 21 t-shirt. Target leggings. Wet Seal necklace. Marc Jacobs homeless gloves. Minnetonka boots.

I still have this huge bruise from where I got blood drawn last Thursday. I didn't almost faint this time. And they only had to stick the needle in once!

Mom: "You look like a heroin addict."
10-year-old brother: "What's heroin?"

Random: have you ever skied on a frozen lake before? Because it is epic!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Super Lightning Thigh Girl

I am still in a state of disbelief that these jeans actually still fit onto my body. Thank you, near 100% stretch!

Wet Seal jacket and belt. H&M t-shirt. Tripp jeans from back in the day... and they were already a year old at that point. Minnetonka ankle boots.

I think I was subliminally influenced by Lady Gaga to paint a lightening bolt on my face, like the anti-pot smoking videos where 420 flashes very quickly onto the screen. Actually not like that at all but you know.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slang Tang, That's The M.I.A. Thang

Stuck in my head GAH!! And I'm not actually posting this in real time because my family thought it would be a good idea to go away the weekend before finals... ahaha crazy people.

Forever 21 blazer. American Apparel v-neck. Topshop jodhpurs. Wet Seal necklace. Minnetonka ankle boots.

P.S. askdljfskldfjdsklfljld!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Everything Will Be Okay In The End. If It's Not Okay, It's Not The End.

Wow. Yeah, life has been pretty darn overwhelming. I actually should be working on homework right now (on a Friday night, I know!) and I have 87 unread messages in my email inbox (askdjflksdfjlkdsjf!), but I hate neglecting my blog. So, here. The outfits I wore last Monday and Tuesday:

H&M jacket and vest. American Apparel top. DIY skirt and tights. Thrifted hat. Doc Martens boots.

The below pictures are somewhat of a misrepresentation of the outfit as I wore it with this Target blazer over it all day....

DIY (semi-failed) t-shirt and tights. American Apparel dress. Wet Seal necklace, cuff, and belt. Forever 21 pearl bracelet. Doc Martens boots.

Ookay I was just checking to see if photos in my room started working again. They don't. But for those who asked, making the tights is the easiest thing ever. You just take normal tights, and cut a lot of holes with scissors and then pull the remaining parts of the tights so they get all stringy. The only problem is in the ankle area they tend to get baggy, but this is fine.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Have No Idea What's Been Going On Lately

Hello... um yeah. I haven't really posted for a while (4 days currently, but it really feels like more!) but I would just like to say that I'm not dead (because I know that's what you thought happened). My life has just become extremely hectic... and FINALS are coming up soon. D=

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why Yes, I Got A Haircut

Dressing like a gangsturrr or an emooo is so two days ago. Up-to-date people prefer the weird punk Swedish housewife look.

Thrifted dress. Hanes t-shirt. DIY ripped tights. Wet Seal neckace/"body chain", held together with a fake Chanel earring I'm embarrassed to own. Minnetonka ankle boots.

I wanted to try shorter bangs (Betty Page, anyone? =P) so yeah. I almost wanted to go shorter than they are here but then... I don't know. It makes me look kinda different. But it's more convenient mostly than longer bangs. And now I don't have to worry about going in for trims for a good long while!

"So you want shorter bangs?"
"Do you want me to make them look like you've been in a car crash?"
"...maybe next time."

Friday, January 16, 2009

I Would Just Like To Say....

I am at school right now! Holla! And I am wearing my gangsterrrr sweats! Spirit day!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Emoooo!, or She's Such A G

I was talking with my guidance counselor about courses for next semester when he suggested that the heart I had drawn on my face looked like a tear and that I was wearing black because I felt overwhelmed with school. Um, haha? Looking back it did look kind of emo.... Danielle said I picked the worse outfit to visit my guidance counselor in but OH WELL!

Forever 21 blazer, headband, and rings. Hanes t-shirt. Topshop pants. Wet Seal necklace. Target sneakers.

But of course I don't fit any one stereotype. Witness my new track sweats:

Polyester, yum! And since we're borrowing them from the school we have to give them like $125 if we lose them. $125 for this heap of static electricity!?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Away From Here

This was the outfit I wore last week but forgot to post. Since today was... um, sucky to say the least I showed up at school in sweats (gasp!) and no makeup. No makeup! asddklsjfldksjjdslfsd! God forbid! But the funny thing is I don't think I've gone out in public 100% makeup free for like 2.5 years, so... yeah. It was kind of like not wearing underwear or something. Like something was kind of off. But it was liberating too because I could rub my eyes all I wanted! Haha.... Well the really weird thing was I had like 1 minute where I could have put makeup on but I decided not to because... I don't know. I wanted to see if I could go to school like that. Yeah I'm a weirdo.

Thrifted Sonia Rykiel blazer. H&M shirt. Zara pants. Wet Seal necklaces. Converse sneakers.

The weird thing was no one commented on my lack of makeup and the fact that I was not dressed normally, for me at least (for many at my school, sweats=normal). I'm sure they noticed and just didn't want to say anything.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Forehead Lacerations

So when I got home from school today, my mom was like "Oh yeah, I wrote a really nasty email to the Urban Outfitters people. I was looking through the catalogue and there were a bunch of pictures of really young, like 14-looking, naked girls. I told them if they keep doing pictures like that a lot of people are going to start looking at their catalogues for child porn. And they emailed me back with some crap about 'the photographer's artistic vision' and 'our customers like it'." Uh-oh. Well I salvaged the catalogue from the trash and took a look. I actually liked a lot of the interesting and rather bizarre photography, but though I'm no prude (ahahaha), when I saw the pictures I was kind of like wtf. For the benefit of those who don't get the catalogue, there was this girl wearing a skirt and sunglasses barely covering herself with her hand, a totally nude girl removing her stockings, another girl covered only with a crumpled up t-shirt, and a girl in the classic lying-on-my-stomach-in-nothing-but-jeans pose. And then the clear American Apparel ripoffs: girls in extremely see-through tops and the classic butt-in-face pose, plus a girl wearing lace leggings paired only with lingerie, several girls wearing outfits with a bra instead of a shirt and the requisite scantily-clad-girl-taking-shower pose. Edit: See here, here, and here for some examples. So, alright, what's the big deal?

Well, not only are the models very young-looking (young, innocent, and naked...) but also... this is a catalogue. Sure, Abercrombie, American Apparel, etc. have been using naked people to sell clothes for quite some time, but what struck me about the UO catalogue was that it was done to look so arty. It's just weird. You're a catalogue, not Vogue Paris. I just find it extremely unnecessary to use "artful" nudity in catalogue. Thoughts?

And now, for the outfit:

Wet Seal blazer, headband, belt, and necklace. Target dress. DIY shredded jeans. Converse sneakers.

Yesterday I dressed kind of flapper-ish, today was kind of hippie-ish! And the blazer because "most members of the counter culture were white middle- or upper-class college kids." Ahh it's fun to learn about the stuff in school. I heart 20th Century History! But the headband only lasted through first block because it was giving me a horrible headache and when I took it off there was this big red imprint all across my forehead! Jeez....

Monday, January 12, 2009

Do You Take Inspiration From The Fashions of Flappers?

I haven't posted anything for a while because I thought I didn't have any outfits and life was too crazy to do anything else (seriously, my Saturday consisted of 11 hours at a track meet [2 mile and 4x800 relay!] and then coming home to a dinner party. Blahh). But, turns out, I did have another set of outfit pics to post. D'oh! Um, I guess they'll have to wait, because I feel like doing today's....

Because my dumbutt camera never quite shows the lipstick bright enough in larger photos...
Well actually it's rather brighter than these even... And my purple eyeliner which you can't quite see....

Then, after I had finished taking the pictures, I decided to add a nice long necklace and this headband:
H&M fringe dress. Thrifted cardigan of love. American Apparel silver lamé leggings. Forever 21 bracelet and headband. Doc Martens boots.

The last minute outfit additions (well actually, I forgot to completely get dressed before I took my outfit photos) kind of exemplify my state of mind lately... extremely scattered. My cat is wicked dumb and keeps trying to drink from the pan catching the water from the mysterious leaking radiator! Bad Stryper! And now he's being all annoying and giving me cute innocent looks. But anyway....

The title refers to what a somewhat interesting teacher asked me when he saw that I was taking out a book about women of the 1920s as research for my essay on how women's roles changed in the 20th century (whew long sentence). I looked down at my outfit and was sorely tempted to say "Well duhhhh!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Is Your Dad A Dealer Cuz You're Dope To Me

I have a cold. It's really annoying. I am NOT going to spend this whole post complaining. Does this outfit look at all familiar? Waking up late is not conducive to dressing creatively.

Wet Seal jacket. H&M vest. Target v-neck. DIY ripped jeans. Forever 21 necklace. Minnetonka boots.

I also wore my awesome studded rings, but the copper in them oxidized (says my chem teacher) and turned my finger green. But I forgot to put them on for this photo.

Oh yes, and concerned readers: hair cut=getting my bangs trimmed. And who knows how long it will be until I actually get ahold of my hairdresser....

P.S. Haha these photos are cool but hilarious. And I totally have jeans just like the ones in the pic where the girl forgot to put on her shirt.... Too bad I can't even vaguely afford Urban Outfitters at this point.