Saturday, January 24, 2009

Slang Tang, That's The M.I.A. Thang

Stuck in my head GAH!! And I'm not actually posting this in real time because my family thought it would be a good idea to go away the weekend before finals... ahaha crazy people.

Forever 21 blazer. American Apparel v-neck. Topshop jodhpurs. Wet Seal necklace. Minnetonka ankle boots.

P.S. askdljfskldfjdsklfljld!


sammi-lise ^_^ said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!

alexander mqueen!

the pieces are all calling to me.

*psst...lise, lise! come and get us. wear us to your heart's content!*

nice jodhpurs, by the way.

oh, and good luck with your finals!

KEREN said...

I did read something about McQueen for Target a little while back, and yes, it made my heart jump. I can't wait to have a chance at buying his stuff, though I can wait for the disappointment of having everything sold out.

WendyB said...

Love those pants.

Kelly said...

love that necklace! and Alexander McQueen for Target!!! i heard about it a little while ago and am SUPER excited!