Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Owe You 1, 2, 3

Finals week has not been kind to me. They weren't nearly as bad freshman year. Of course now there are, um, other factors. And I had to leave in the middle of my math final so Monday isn't a day off after all because I have to go in to make it up. Gahhhhh.

In other news, after watching Blade Runner I felt inspired on Tuesday to dress kind of like I'm a character in a Sci Fi movie. It kind of turned into "throw a bunch of random things together" but oh well. I thought I looked totes BA. Evil smirk:

Wet Seal jacket and cuff. DIY top (worn backwards!). H&M dress (skirt). Random white tights I got a while ago but just found. Doc Martens boots.

Some people were wondering about why I thought chemistry=death. Well, with the individual units over the course of the year I was fine, but having to remember all the stuff in the end for this huge test? Not so much. I despise studying and can rarely bring myself to do it for long, so... first-ever high school B. I can't really complain that much about it, though. Any dreams I had of going into (chemical) science have been shattered.


Kelly said...

That top is gorgeous! and i love that first picture!

sammi-lise ^_^ said...

gah i hate studying too...i think i got a *GASP* B on my chem midterm as well.
i am not sure though.

but yes, midterms have been killer this year. gah.

*ok, enough of the rant*

anyways, that outfit looks great. i love the top :)

Anonymous said...

Oh god, WARNING: DO NOT TAKE AP CHEM! I go to a school where the classes are Honors no matter what, so I figured I could handle AP....SO BAD. Like half the kids switched out within the first week.

WendyB said...

Fringe! Yay.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

gorgeous floral

Isabel said...

Every day, I ebay frantically for a fringe dress!

Anonymous said...



but then again, i love chemistry, as you know. just wish i was a tad better at it though

- Tina!

p.s. i spies a homemade shirt... ? o.O

Cat's Meow said...

Gasp! I just bought that Wet Seal jacket last Friday 0-0 . At least, I think it's the same. I don't know, haha. There's a picture on my page...0.o BUT I want to let you know that you are absolutely gorgeous with your red hair and backwards tops ^-^

AFitz said...

Awww I know the feeling bb, I was a straight A student until I hit gifted physucs.
I love the leather+floral combo