Saturday, March 29, 2008

AA Overload....

Now, interestingly enough, one of my very favorite designers is Maison Martin Margiela. For some reason I just love his clothes. The SS08 collection was one of my favorites, as evidenced by my computer background:

Great for freaking out my family/friends!

So anyway, I was thinking about how to replicate some of his outfits on a cheaper scale. Of course, for the first half of the collection I could easily turn to American Apparel:




clearly equals

(I know the actual socks aren't striped, but the other ones are ribbed/too sheer and I just like the athletic-socks thing.) It only costs $115! But, when exactly would you wear such a thing? Very good point, Hannah.

Next up he showed those cheesy fantasy-imaged t-shirts, restyled as tube dresses:

Not too hard for a DIY project, no? (I like this t-shirt.) But while I can imagine completely trashing a pair of jeans to get my desktop look, the fetish-worthy sharp-shouldered jacket will be much hard to do. Though I am considering stitching some shoulder pads onto my Forever 21 blazer....

p.s. I sorta did a way less extreme copy of the first outfit today... it's not that great though.

Another Week of Outfits


H&M vest. American Apparel dress and "footless socks".
The only thing I'm doing today (other than the great [and I'm actually not being sarcastic] five mile run for track. But my legs hurt because some asshole stole my brand-new running sneakers so I had to use my old, beat-up ones... and if you're a runner then you know that your shoes make a huge difference....) is going to the movies with Victoria to see The Other Boleyn Girl. We really wanted to sneak into Funny Games but the poophead movie theatres aren't playing it within a reasonable distance.


Forever 21 sheer blouse. Gap black shirt and cutoff shorts. Hue tights.
I got the idea for this outfit when I say a lady at Fire & Ice wearing a sheer black blouse over a black turtleneck, and it looked really good. Unfortunately, this outfit photographed horribly, and the mirror is a mess due to the massive construction site that is my house. But it looked better in person.


Cheap Monday jeans. H&M t-shirt.
This is not actually the outfit I wore Thursday. I really wore Tori's black skinny jeans (which were low rise, unfortunate considering the shirt was kinda short). But this is close enough, and it actually looks better, especially with the shirt tucked in. How cool am I? (Unfortunately the shirt refused to go straight....)


H&M vest. Mossimo mens t-shirt. Lux satin pants.
I love love love these pants, but unfortunately as I mentioned two posts ago they have a hole! So a long shirt was needed. (And that would be one of my cutie kitties, Stryper, jumping up onto the radiator!) Oh yes, here a picture of the damaged merchandise I purchased:

I didn't even notice the H&M shirt had a hole until I got home!

And in case you forgot what I wore Wednesday, here's pictures with much better lighting:

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Get Crackin' Get Get Crackin'

Wow. I actually took an outfit picture today! It's a horrible dark picture, but better than nothing, right?

Forever 21 jacket. Old Navy dress and wedges. Mom's old tights.

My outfit was loosely inspired by this:

And here are the "life-changing" shoes as seen on (which I got for $23) from Old Navy.

In other news, I get further and further from being able to have a life.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

I'm Accepting Donations

Yes, I went shopping yesterday with my fashion buddy Eunice, on Newbury St. in Boston. I managed to spend most of the remainder of my money. I need shoppers anonymous or something. But yeah. I just spend 4.5 hours working on a project (making a medieval version of Vogue for World Civ... fun but tiring...) so I don't really feel like talking about the trip, so I'll just say it was really fun and we had a crapload of amazing food at Fire and Ice. Oh yeah, and my parents finally let me go into the city by myself (well, with a friend, but without a parent). Of course, Newbury St. is a pretty safe place, being all high-endish and stuff, and the weirdest thing that happened was this random guy in girl jeans coming up to me and asking where I had got my pants (they were my electric blue Tripp ones). So yeah, nothing really weird.

I got some pretty awesome stuff, though. The main thing I got were some Cheap Monday jeans for just $20 at Filene's basement (they're basically these ones, except black). Unlike last time, I didn't have "competition" over the jeans (haha Tori) because Eunice won't buy Cheap Mondays because they're anti-Christian and also she doesn't really wear jeans much anyway. I honestly don't care, because as far as I know buying Cheap Mondays isn't supporting the massacre of Christians or anything and I'm not particularly religious myself, though Satanists scare the crap out of me. But I digress. At Filene's, Eunice tried on an awesome Proenza Schouler bandage skirt (it was this one that opened the SS06 collection, actually) but it was size 10 and still like $300, so she passed on it.

I also got a t-shirt at H&M. It has suspenders printed on it *sigh*. I was going to try on some wide-leg jeans (for only $25!) but the dressing room line was seriously looong. Like, crazy-long. And, I got these completely fabulous skinny satin pants from Urban Outfitters. They were the last pair, and they were marked as $30 but because of a rip in the fabric just below the waistband (I know, but they look so good, and it's hard to notice... kind of... I can sew it up!) I got them for $20 (the first lady tried to give me 10% off and I was like, WTF. That makes sense if a button is missing but not if there's a 3 inch rip in the butt).

We went into the brand new Zara (!), but it was actually pretty disappointing. I got really excited because I found what I thought were jodhpurs, but they just looked like it because of the odd way they were being hung on the rack; they turned out to be (see-through) skinny suit-type pants. And to add insult to injury, I was two sizes larger than I normally am (but I'm blaming the 3-course lunch!). Every thing was incredibly overpriced ($80 for said pants, and $19-24 for a t-shirt) but they did have some cute stuff. The focus seemed to be on business clothes, though. Oh yeah, they also had some awesome leather motorcycle(-style) jackets.

At Second Time Around Vintage (the one we went into was less vintage and more designer clothes on consignment), I found several things I liked: a pair of stiletto-heeled, pointy-toed hiking boots, and a Topshop (OMG!) skirt in a tribal print. The skirt was an 8 (in British sizes), so it was a bit too big and plus it was, even at my waist, knee-length and poofy. I can deal with mini-poofy, but I don't really like longer-poofy, at least on myself. And it was $28. The boots were love, but they turned out to be Manolo Blahnik and $95 despite their beat-up condition. Plus there was the little problem that they were a size 7, and I'm a size 8.5-9 person.

Well, I did end up talking about the trip a lot.... Hopefully I'll start posting outfit pics again this week!

I watched the movie Sicko last night. It was seriously eye-opening. Wow, our healthcare system is so crappy and corrupt. Did you know that terrorists being held at Guantanamo Bay have easier access health care than many Americans?

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

La La La I'm So Dumb

I just ran 4 miles in 36 degree weather. In the pouring rain. In a t-shirt and leggings. And I already had a cold. Smart. But anyway....

I have been dressing horribly today. I'm waking up a bit later so I have like no time. Excuses, excuses.

I want this in black/white/asphalt. I know, more American Apparel. But I especially want the black right now.... The only question is what to wear under it. Nothing is not an option, obviously, and under the white one I'd definitely go with my silver lamé bra. But other wise... I don't think they would look as good with, say, a tank top under them. Hm. I'll have to see how low they actually are....

I also want these. I really need some black skinny jeans (and yes, I know you have these Victoria. I actually have them in a different color, just like five sizes too big). I'm actually in serious need of jeans right now. My one good-fitting pair of skinnies has, as I have mentioned before, a massive rip in the crotch. I want to get a replacement pair, but I also don't particularly want to get them at Hollister.... Plus they don't have the exact wash mine are. Wah. AND they cost $10 more than when I got them! What the hell, Hollister crack heads. And of course I also need these, once I figure out my size. And I still don't have high waisted ones (though the Cheap Mondays are pretty high)! Augh. All of my other jeans are too big. It's really annoying me right now. Maybe it's a sign that I need to start wearing jeans less. Though, I do wear shorts and tights about as often as I wear jeans. And, I'm planning on altering the Uniqlo bootcut jeans which I purchased (completely stupidly, they were the one pair of non-skinnies in the store, despite the fact that I despise bootcut jeans, partially to the fact they look like crap on me) into skinny jeans.

Oh my god, that turned into one big incoherent rant. But no school Friday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm Just A Sheep

The new Kate Moss for Topshop is just in, and being someone who irrationally loves Kate Moss, naturally I thought there were a few pieces I would like to wear.

This one was an obvious choice. I'm loving prep school blazers right now.

This shorts seem pretty darn awesome. I'm not usually a big embroidery fan but here it looks good.

Not my usual style but I like it! It could be pretty fabulous....

Just another cute but boring polka-dot dress right? But them BAM: there's this stuff coming out the back! (Can't you see I'm excited?)

But no way in a million years is this worth £150. That's $300!

And just because I'm a ho, I'd like to get this t-shirt:

I'm a sucker for anything with her face on it. Even if it's tacky as hell.

In other news, Pete Wentz is designing a new clothing line for Nordstrom. I really wish he wouldn't. I mean, Cladestine is ugly enough. And his DKNY line didn't do much for me either.

(can anyone tell I was just reading Fashionista?)

I've been sick, so my outfits have been kind of really ehh. But track started today! And my outfit yesterday was very Balenciaga FW07-influenced. Yes. Still doing that.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I’ve been thinking, and I’ve realized I need to start shopping at more stores. I basically buy all my clothes at Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel. Oh, and Target. I think I need to expand out from the mass-market chains… thrift shop time? Maybe….

Also, apparently I have way too many clothes. Even my science teacher thinks so. Hmm. I still want more. Quantity over quality, I say! But seriously, I’d rather have a crapload of Forever 21 trendy but not-great-quality clothes over a few “classic” designer pieces (well depending on the designer of course!). I just like to have a lot of options of things and styles to wear, because I don’t think I really have a certain concrete “style” that I follow. (If anyone thinks I do, please comment and tell me what it is!)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Always Up or Down, Never Down and Out*

This outfit just made me feel incredibly awesome & rock star minimalist chic-ish (does that make any sense?):

Forever 21 jacket. Mossimo mens t-shirt. American Apparel leggings.
It's so funny. My one friend hates it whenever I wear leggings as pants (which has only been twice, but still...). She kept saying "but you're not wearing pants. You need to get some pants." Of course, I'm used to her but still I find her incredibly entertaining.

And today's outfit:

Forever 21 top and socks. Gap jeans, "altered" by me. Target tights.
In the very yellow bathroom again because the window in my parent's room (soon to be my room, complete with double closets and full length mirrors!) is being replace and their are all sorts of construction dudes walking around.

And my fabulous winged eyeliner (inspired by a spread in this month's Teen Vogue):

This really isn't a great pic but it's more vivid than that. But you get the idea....

*random song lyrics that are stuck in my head, as the titles to my posts often are....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


H&M jacket. Dress I made. Target yellow tights (new). Union Bay flats.

And yeah, about the bullshittiest thing of my life happened today. Apparently I'm much dumbed than I thought. But yeah. It might, just might, turn out okay in the end. Probably not.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The Plain White Tees

Yes, I wore one of my Hanes little boys t-shirts today.

H&M vest (new). Hanes t-shirt (new). Tripp NYC skinnies. Minnetonka boots.

The zipper seems to be broken on my pants. It keeps falling down... time for new ones! Too bad I don't have a spare $50 lying around.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Mall Rat

Today I went to the mall. Again. This time only accompanied by my mother, resolutely refusing to by me anything, though for reasons understandable. I didn’t buy much—just the black H&M vest with an impractical amount of buttons I had been eyeing. Good thing, too, even though I just found $70 of leftover Christmas money. In Forever 21, I either have good shopping days or bad shopping days. Today was the latter; nothing really seemed appealing to me, except the corseted high-waisted jeans on the mannequin. Unfortunately, they were a size 27, as I discovered as I frantically molested the mannequin in an attempt to get them off, and ill-fitting. The saleslady told me that all the other high-waisted jeans had sold out within a week. I wondered who had bought them, especially considering I was at the rather ghetto-er of the malls, as evidenced by their horrible Macy’s. Not that ghetto people can’t be stylish. With a feverish desire for high-waisted jeans, I headed to other stores which I thought might carry them. The ones in Wet Seal were just disgusting, and the wide-leg ones I found at Urban Behavior were also unfortunately cheap-looking. The ones at a new store, the name of which I forget, were very close, but the jeans weren’t truly high-waisted, just two or three inches above “normal” (i.e. low rise), but they were very close. Again, their $40-ness was evidenced by the fact that the zipper wasn’t fully zippable (almost, but not quite… plus inexpensive stores have yet to learn not to use tacky gold hardware…). Also, the saleslady was inexplicably convinced I needed a bigger size, from before I even tried the jeans on. They seriously weren’t that tight. I almost got them, but I wasn’t completely sold. So I passed on them. I also went into Gap, knowing that they stocked jeans for the people who never stopped wearing the high waist, but the two “mid-rise” styles suffered from horrible cuts (I absolutely hate bootcut) and washes (whiskers on ugly midwash jeans never work). But I convinced my mom to take me to Target afterwards with the intention of checking out the Jovovich-Hawk collection.

I tried on this dress and this dress, but neither fit me. The first one was very sack-ish, and the hem was extremely cheap-looking. The second… well, the first size I got didn’t fit because of my bust (despite the fact that it is not very large), so I had to try the next size up, which ballooned hopelessly around the stomach area. I did, however, find a nice, plain white mens t-shirt, and I also bought a pack of little boys’ Hanes tees at the recommendation of numerous commenters on I have yet to try them on and see if the $6.50 the 5-pack cost was well-spent or wasted. So basically I got six plain white tees, which I may of may not wear. I also found a two-pack of tights with black and bright yellow which I purchased. I’m not sure how I’ll style them though.

In other news, my favorite skinny jeans have an ever-expanding crotch rip. I am very sad.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Hess Truck's Back And It's Better Than Ever

Yay, I'm back with a crapload of pictures.

I call this look business hippie:

Forever 21 jacket and headband. American Apparel dress. Minnetonka boots.


H&M sweatshirt. American Apparel dress. J. Crew vest.

In honor of the puppet-themed dance performance I was putting on, I decided to dress as dolly-adorably as possible. Considering the fact that I'm 5'7" and... well basically not a Harajuku girl, this looks a little bit saccerine.... But oh well. I actually wore this exact outfit a lot last year, in my Abercrombie-and-skinny-jeans days.

Forever 21 blouse, jumper, and headband (do I not buy way too many clothes there?). Aldos boots.
Just chillin'....

J. Crew vest. Old Navy dress and leggings.

I'm going to the mall today. Again.

P.S. I tried to post this yesterday but Blogger was having issues.... And the title, well, that annoying jingle is stuck in my head for some reason. I look really stoned in all these pics because some of my FIERCE DANCE MAKEUP didn't wash off, and I was too lazy to use makeup remover....

Hella fierce! Plus, I got an (almost) free hat!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Yeah I probably won't get to post for a while... but I'll do some outfit pics this weekend!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Vapidity of Spring Materializes

As I was making the measly purchase of one $6 black camisole in H&M last Sunday, I spotted something that piqued my interest: H&M Magazine. No, not catalog, not lookbook, magazine. Magazine! And better yet, it's free! I have nothing to lose but desk space. Must. Get.

As to be expected for a free catalog put out by a massive, fast-fashion clothing chain, it is somewhat bland and very much advertising. The contents consist of a generic Sienna Miller interview, several editorials featuring H&M clothing, a showcasing of fashion and beauty trends for spring, a London shopping guide (London! London! London! Hip! Hip! Hip! seems to be the message these days, not that I disagree...), a vaguely interesting (and rather ironic) article about the far too fast pace at which the fashion world progresses, and what appears to be a pair of Hammer shorts for little girls, among others. It could have been far worst, but something about it seemed very boring and recycled (in a non-ecofriendly manner). Quite passable, I would say, but nothing extraordinary in the least.

Totally unrelated, I really like my outfit today, but things just weren't working out for a picture.... And the walls to the room I am in currently are boarded up and the heavy rain is dripping in. It's rather disturbing... as are my very bad puns.

Monday, March 3, 2008

The War In Me Makes A Warrior

Gosh, I was tired today. This actually seems to be a theme lately—must be the fact that track is over. But it starts again next week! Hello, exercise, goodbye, life. Oh well.

Forever 21 blouse and headband. Abercrombie jeans.
I knew I wanted to wear my new blouse today, but I really didn't know what to wear it with. Originally it was black leggings and a gray ruffled skirt (I felt incredibly goth) but it wasn't quite right and then I remembered that I had my first day of "Environmental Adventures" (or something like that) in science so I had to wear long pants or face freezing to death. These jeans actually turned out to look better, though they seriously fall off my backside due to their extreme lowness (but I was still wearing the leggings underneath, thankfully).

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Why Oh Why

I have just returned from yet another shopping trip, this time at the local(ish) mall. Atypically, I didn't go with my mom or shopping buddy Victoria and instead I went with my other friends Ally and Leslie. And we saw about 20 people from our school there. But yeah. Anyway, I got some pretty good stuff. The only problem is, I spent literally half of the all the money I have and it wasn't even that much. So basically I am poor. Time to mooch money off my mother. But yeah, I got some great stuff from (of course) Forever 21.

I also got a black cami to wear under the sheer blouse. The jacket was actually missing two buttons, so I got a 10% discount (which was hardly worth it—$3.28? But it really was because otherwise I would have gone over the amount of money I had. Plus, the buttons were super cheap-looking so I'm sewing on new ones anyway). But yeah, I have this weird blazer fetish. I obviously didn't get a real (old! so three seasons ago!) Prada turban but they had a convincing knockoff headband (in silvery gray) so I had to snap it up. Unfortunately it isn't a full-head turban, but it's still cute. And the tie-dye thing was a total impulse buy... ooh look this reminds me of [insert name of collection her that is seriously slipping my mind! Augh!], I must buy it! Even though bubblegum pink doesn't even vaguely match my hair.

And of course, as soon as we go into H&M they have all these AMAZING clothes, and I have literally $0.33 left. I really need one of the black vests, and the other adorable things I saw! Ahh!