Saturday, February 16, 2008

Tell Me What Your Spirit Says, I'll Be Your Guide, You Are A Prisoner

From tomorrow until next Saturday, I'll be chilling (literally! ha, ha, ha) in the most fashionable spot on the planet: a mountain in Utah! Yes, well, I'm going there to ski. But yeah, I haven't updated since like Wednesday! And I won't be updating again for a while. But I did snap some outfit pics:

Forever 21 blouse. Dress I sewed. Hue Tights. Steve Madden oxfords.
Guess what collection inspired this outfit?

H&M jacket. Claire's scarf. BDG jeans. Minnetonka boots.
As you can see, I was very much in the Valentine's day spirit.*

American Apparel hoodie.10,000 BPM mens t-shirt. Tripp NYC skinny pants.
And then Victoria showed off her superb American Apparel modeling skills.

Vintage sweatshirt. BDG jeans (hers actually fit...). Minnetonka boots (which happen to be MINE!).

I have a pretty bad cold and I feel like poop. But I'm still kind of excited about flying on planes (yes I have this odd obsession with flying on planes).

*Actually, I completely forgot that morning. But I'm really feeling Lalaliu's thoughts on the matter!