Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Apple Bottom Jeans, Boots With The Furrr

What's this? Is Hannah really blogging again while she is supposed to be doing her homework? But screw school, I have money. What the heck am I talking about? I don't know... especially since that is not my attitude at all. I would rather die than not do homework and have to face my teachers*. Why does Forever 21 have such amazing shoes?

These are pretty darn amazing, I have to admit. And only $22... but I'm kind of broke from excess usage of the finances.... But yeah, much cheaper than these Christian Louboutins which are clearly being knocked off.

These also have a Louboutin-esque red sole (or inner heel, really), and I'm just a sucker for tall shoes with clunky heels. But mysteriously, these are $27. Frowny face.

Yes, I know, these are kind of like the Prada except anorexic. I actually liked the Nine West ones better.

O.M.G. these are totes, lyk, amazing~! I mean, they're quad-toned (I haven't heard that before) and oxfords! What's not to love? (Except for the heel, which seems to be on the low side... wait why is that bad?).

These are just high and sextastic.

Mock croc? Heck yes!

These are just incredibly cool—I mean, mesh oxfords? Awesomeness.

Unfortunately, being Forever 21, these all probably look pretty crappy in person. And yes, I know the title has nothing to do with the post except it mentions boots in it, which are a type of shoe obviously. But that freakin' annoying song is stuck in my head! Augh! Double augh! It won't let me do anything because there are too many people on Blogger right now or something. Yeah, I go on a lot of tangents.

*slight exaggeration.