Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm Illegal

And my gorgeous friend, looking like a Muslim/grandmother.

We were trying to make fun of Cobrasnake... long story. Okay, she was showing me the incredibly lame blog of this kid at her school (I'm sorry, but it was... well here's a sample post "Here are some very chic photos of extremely fashionable people taken from . I really think that fashion websites like these and all others for that matter are really great inspiration to base your personal style around. I know I try pretty hard to be inspired by all of the fashion websites. I love the colors in all of these photos and how unique each look is. Hope you like them as much as I do!" He seriously overuses the meaningless word "unique" and he uses "chic" incredibly improperly). So he had some pics from Cobrasnake as "inspiration". So my friend was like, let's go to the Cobrasnake website. And we both concurred that it was incredibly pointless, especially the pictures that weren't even of parties and were just of like his vacation. It's like, who cares? But anyway, I also showed her Hipster Musings' hilarious Rattlesnake, so we're like, we can do that! So we went into the stacks and posed. We failed utterly, but we still got some.... weird... pics. But yeah.

p.s. I'm illegal because I always sneak into campus at Phillips Academy even though I don't go there (yet!).

I have my gym final today. Arghh otherwise I wouldn't have to go into school at all!


Isabel said...

Ahaha! it's fun isn't it. I especially like the picture where someone is lying down and kicking their legs into the air. Oh, and I really want to read this "fashion" blog that glorifies the Cobrasnake. Will you send me the link?

Hannah Cheeto said...
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Stephanie said...

Haha, I'm going to check that blog out right now. I wonder what the Cobrasnake guy thinks about the wannabe hipsters his website has spawned. Is he happy that he has thousands of obnoxious teenage imitators (not you, obviously, you were joking and funny), or does he get annoyed by all the hype?

bonjour Victoria kirei said...

Oh Hannah, I never knew you had a blog. But this is splendiferous! I love it.