Sunday, February 24, 2008

What A Stud!*

While in the ski-tourista overpriced boutique-y town of Park City, Utah, as my mother and I searched for a button-down shirt for my dad (long story...) we stumbled upon a *gasp* thrift store! Er, excuse me, a consignment store (not entirely sure of the difference...). Anyway, I found a D&G dress in my mom's size for just $86 (but then I had an image of her wearing the skintight, leathery sheath that was emphatically not her style, and couldn't help giggling), but I soon zeroed in a fabulous pair of heels:

My initial thought was that they were very Burberry, except exponentially cheaper (and pre-worn). I successfully scored my first great thrift-store find, but there was only one problem: I had payed $24 for a pair of pre-scratched, scuffed, and stretched sandals! Argh someone got ripped off... but $24 is still pretty cheap for a pair of shoes... anyway, the outfits:

Forever21 sweater. Old dress from Marshalls. American Apparel "footless socks".

Forever21 windbreaker and tunic. American Apparel leggings.
Techno Tribal, lol! Anyway, the image quality is horrible because my camera battery was dying AGAIN! Poopy.

*I sincerely apologize for the bad pun.


rohwy said...

first thing i thought was burberry. lol there's a couple rip offs of the studded shoes... not my type but lovely. overpriced, but lovely.

bonjour Victoria kirei said...

I see Louis behind you... dundundunnn.

yoncto said...

gawshness, i love your style.

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