Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Love My Shine

Ah, PVC leggings/pants:

Shiny, shiny hotness at Alice Temperly.

A more matte take at Christopher Kane.

These Daryl K & Kerrigan ones are kind of like my AA leggings!

Topshop Unique showed quite a few as well.

Looking FIERCE on Victoria Beckham.

And yes, the obligatory (oldish) pic of Kate Moss' gorgeous ones.

Naturally, Susie Bubble can rock these amazingly.

My takes. (American Apparel Lamé 4evah)

As I looked through over 100 pages of runway pictures, I also noticed that, as far as leg coverings, tights are still going strong, in colors and especially in black, opaque and sheer. Thigh-highs are showing up quite a bit as well. Also, model's legs resemble knobbly twigs. It's mildly disturbing and mind-messing up....

Sorry for WAY too many pics...