Monday, February 11, 2008

With Your Feet In The Air, Your Head On The Ground

Whoa I'm busy! But I'm almost un-busy starting tomorrow, with the end of winter track, and spring track won't start until March. Anyway, on Sunday I went shopping in Harvard Square (again) with Victoria (again!). I got some great stuff, but I really don't feel like photographing/blogging about it right now. But I do have some outfit pics:

Target t-shirt (for $10! My mom wants to buy one in her size...). Claire's scarf (for $6). Hollister skinny jeans. Guess jacket.

And here we are modeling some of our fabulous new purchases: faux Ray Ban sunglasses from Urban (as Victoria's mom calls it). (Yes, yes, we're so last summer, but we don't give a crap!)

Stay tuned for fabulous stories such as "The Tragic Tale of the Cheap Mondays", "The Many Virtues of Men's T-Shirts" and "Hannah And Victoria Own All Of The Same Clothes."