Wednesday, February 27, 2008

We're Fated To Pretend

Today I went to get dressed and I was totally uninspired. I ended trying on a bunch of things, none of which looked good, before finally putting together the outfit I wore today. I had one the t-shirt dress, and then I was like, am I crazy? I'm going to freeze! So I got the idea of wearing my old ripped jeans (um yeah this week I'm obsessed with wearing short/leg-exposing things because I finally shaved my legs [haha TMI?]). I put them on under the dress with plans to change into some other top, but then I was like, "this doesn't look half bad!" So I threw on the jacket and it looked alright, and since the outfit vaguely reminded me of something in Lucky Magazine (and also because I find it hard to find shoes that look good with flare jeans) I decided to wear my one pair of strappy sandles: my new studded heels. So yeah. And my hair looked like crap so I pulled it back.

H&M jacket. Old Navy dress. Abercrombie jeans. Thrifted shoes.

I'm generally not a huge fan of the dress-over-pants look, but here it actually doesn't look half bad....

Note: My camera was taking incredibly blurry images today for no apparent reason. These ones were the only pics that came out decent.