Thursday, June 26, 2008

That Girl Is Scandalous

I already uploaded the pictures to this one, so I can post it! Yay!

Prada Way:

Dolce Way:

Ruffian Way:

Hannah Cheeto Way:

Corset, 80's vintage. Target mens t-shirt. Cheap Monday jeans. Converse sneakers.

The ever scandalous Hannah, wearing frilly lingerie outside her clothing. My mom was like, "Well that's a bit provocative" and compared it to Madonna's Gaultier corset, but I don't really get the comparison. I thought it was mostly fine especially since it was over a baggy t-shirt but... I probably wouldn't wear it to school or babysitting. I wore it thrifting, though.

(And this is from Tuesday, pre-haircut!)

The Internet is Dead!

For some strange reason, the internet has died and will only work on my moms computer—when it feels like it. Blah. But anyway, I was preparing a few things to post right before vacation (because I'm going away until July 5th) but all the photos are deleted off my camera and are only on the other computer, so I'll have to wait until later.

In other news, I did get my hair cut, and I. Love. It. Much better post-salon than last time.

My hair dresser is so funny. He's trying to convince me flat-ironing my hair is "so a year and a half ago" and I should make it wavy with a diffuser and just straighten my bangs. Maybe I'll get a diffuser, depending on the cost, but I'll probably just let most of my hair just chill naturally for the summer. Less wavy than he made it, but still. I guess straightening my hair is kind of like a security blanket, I always know it will look good but really it's more "different" or "rebellious" (hate to use those words...) not to because basically every Abercrombie-wearing classmate of mine flat irons their hair.

And I know I posted two basically identical pictures, but the one with the black background that my brother screwed up had much better contrast because my hair looks like it's the same color as the wood in the second one.

Stay tuned for posts on the new clothes I got thrifting, from Gap & Old Navy (some pretty good stuff for cheap), and if I go to the mall today (can you say mall rat?) I'll take pictures of that too. Also, I have some outfit pics that I would like to post. Anyway, I'll be back!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bang the Doldrums

Today is the fateful day of my haircut. I have finally decided. I will cut my hair for summer like this:


And then, come fall, I want to get bangs rather like one of my fashion icons, Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style. Thicker and more rounded. And all of these people picture (well, Irina Lazareanu and Queen Michelle, if not Kate Moss) have relatively small foreheads.

This local thrift store is having a $1-for-everything sale. I have to go.

Update: Umm there was a mix up so I didn't end up getting my hair cut today... hopefully tomorrow. And I was so excited. Blah. But I did get like 10 things at the thrift store!

Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Got So Many Ripped Knees, Ripped Knees

My mom kinda got my camera to work again, enough so that I could upload my outfits from Wednesday and Thursday. (I went away Saturday and Sunday, and Friday... I didn't bother because I thought the camera was dead.)

Hanes boy t-shirt (cutoff by me). Forever 21 necklace and socks. Rogan for Target shorts. Converse shoes.

I had to take them in the basement(/family room/office/kitchen) because the rest of my house was full of construction workers, and it would have been, um, awkward if they saw me taking pictures of myself!

American Apparel acid wash v-neck. Forever 21 skirt. Doc Marten boots.

P.S. I hate how Blogger makes the pictures HUGE (well, it's their original size, but still) when you click on them. The picture above that was edited looks fine small but big I look... not good.

P.P.S. It's not freakin' fair! So these jeans I have been lusting for ever since last summer, and earlier, have gone on sale, for $50 instead of $80. Now, I seriously wanted to get them but the $10 shipping... so my mom said I should wait a few days until we could go to the mall to see if they had them. And now they're sold out of my size online. Cry cry cry.

Friday, June 20, 2008


Tomorrow is the longest day of the year, and summer "vacation" has just begun, but even as school ended today I felt very little release from stress. Mostly because I have a lot of crap to do this summer.

1) 4 weeks CITing at a summer camp
2) Learning the entire 9th grade geometry course (because... long story.)
3) Training for my job at a boutique (cash registers! Yay!)
4) About two week's worth of traveling
5) Enriched Algebra summer assignment
6) Running at least 20 miles a week to stay in shape for cross country
7) Finding time to relax!

So, in a way, I'm looking forward to Fall (and weather which allows long pants). I think I get tired of summer clothes fast. The best temperatures are in the high 60s and low 70s, where you're not too hot or too cold in most things. Plus, you can wear lots of black. It's funny to think just a year ago I had like two black things, to wear for band concerts! (the band where I used to play flute, not... actually bands) So anyway, I made a thingy with some outfits to get me psyched for fall! (wait... what?)

Click to enlarge, people!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Several things. Finals week. Ugh... why do I still have school (well, two more days!).

Anyway I have been taking outfit pics but my camera is broken apparently so it won't let me upload them. I. Hate. It.

Anyway, these are my life.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Teeth Were Too Sharp...

So anyways, adventure. Victoria and I went to the movies to see "The Strangers" despite it's R rating, confident we would be allowed to buy tickets with my mom in tow, even though she had no intentions of seeing the movie. But then the bitchy old ticket man asked me, "Do you have ID to prove that you're seventeen?" I replied, "No" and indicated my mother. He asked if she was going in with us, and being the Catholic school good girl that she is* she said "No." The elderly man was like, "Then I can't sell you tickets. Sorry, girls." Now I don't usually get mad at people I don't even know, but I was about ready to punch this guy in the face. I mean, he was just doing his job, but honestly, why does he have to be a bitch about letting two 15-year-olds into an R-rated movie, especially when they're buying tickets with their (well one of them's) mom, who clearly approves! Now, when I get angry, my eyes start to water and my voice gets all whiny so I couldn't exactly spit out a witty comeback, so we had to just leave as there were no other good movies playing. So we resolved to go back to my house and watch a movie on On Demand. But the debacle didn't end there.

We went downstairs and propped ourselves up on the couches, ignoring the missing ceiling panels and the exposed silver heating duct. Victoria scrolled through the On Demand selection, and we were not sure whether to watch "Darjeeling Limited" or "Teeth". It was my idea to watch "Teeth" because I fully realized I would probably not get a chance to see it again, and besides my mom was leaving for over an hour to take my brother to Taekwondo. I wasn't exactly sure what I was getting myself into. So we purchased it, and began watching. I have to say it was pretty good, if a little hilarious/disturbing—for the first half hour. Then my mom came home to drop off the groceries. I immediately paused the movie as soon as I heard her footsteps on the stairs, and my mom came down. "What movie are you watching?" She asked. "Uhh... Teeth," I replied, hoping she had no idea what it was. "What's that about?" she questioned. "Uhh... it's about this girl, she really believes in being chaste and in abstinence and stuff, but she has, um, 'teeth'." I used air quotes and was facing away from her as I said this. "You mean she had teeth in her vagina?" my mom exclaimed, not one to mince words. "Yeah." "That sounds like a terrible movie!" "So... should we turn it off?" "Well, it sounds pretty bad. So yes." And that was the end of that. Sure, I realize that I made it sound like a crappy b-movie porno flick which it isn't at all (well not really)... but lalala.

So instead we watched this documentary on teenagers and the internet. It was equal parts hilarious and sad. And I know these are dumbbutt poses, and it's really dark.

Rogan for Target t-shirt. Skirt made by me. Trouser socks from Marshalls. Target jelly flats (which made me walk like a crippled old woman...).

*jkjk. I love you mom. I know you disliked Catholic school. Hopefully you're not reading this though. And despite how this post makes it sound, I have nothing against elderly people. Just against the movie ticket man.


Thanks to the lovely Isabel, I have found that Hot Topic now has a beautiful selection of freakin' awesome jeans. And it's $39 for just about everything... I'll be going to Hot Topic next mall trip fo shizzle! (and I did not just say that)

Anyways, I went to Target this weekend and got a few things from the Rogan for Target line: the leopard-print shorts which are gone from the website and the tiger t-shirt I'm wearing today.

Yay me & Victoria are going to see the Strangers! It might suck but Gemma Ward!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


I just made a new header & (finally) labled all of my posts. Tell me what you think!

Oh, and I've also been using Chictopia! I never feel like writing that much though, so this blog keeps top priority.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Calling All Cops

I made my skirts for the fashion show with the intention of being able to wear them in a Miu Miu-esque way, but in actuality, they simply aren't poofy enough, though I still was going to wear them as "under-bust" (yeah) skirts. And this morning what do I do but check Fashion Robot and find that Stephanie is doing it, but with tiered skirts. Overlooking the fact that she named the post after a Marilyn Manson song, I love the way it looks, so of course I have to try it for myself.

But it didn't work out so well directly under-bust, so I let it slide down to my waist and voilá! Unfortunately it kept going down too far so you couldn't see the bottom of the skirt, but it was still an awesome outfit. Plus, it hid the erm problems I have with wearing this dress....

American Apparel dress. H&M skirt (Victoria's, which I still still have. Target sheer tights. Doc Marten boots.

My camera is officially a piece of crap. Not only does it take blurry pictures, but it also has no battery life. I thought the problem was the rechargeable batteries had lost their charge but NO using regular AA's doesn't help. Two 5-minute self-timed photoshoots, plus time spent uploading the pics to my computer, and the full battery is gone. I always feel like my outfit looks better in person than in the pictures.... I'm trying to convince my dad to get a new one next time he goes to Hong Kong....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Jammin' Out.

Here I am in my natural state: listening to my iPod.

Top made by me. Cheap Monday jeans. Forever 21 headband. Converse sneakers.

I got my Varsity letter today! I was so excited!

That Was When I Ruled The World

American Apparel v-neck. Skirt made by me. Forever 21 socks. Doc Martens boots.

My feet were a bit sweaty, but it was worth it! I'm doing a morning post because I had dance dress rehearsal from 4:30-8:30 and I didn't feel like doing anything after that... and I could barely snap these pictures before I left, as the builders were still here and walking around, hence the pictures taken in a dusty mirror. I think they think I'm weird enough as is.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Ahh I'm dying. It was 97 degrees outside and is 88 in my room... ahh.

Vintage dress. J Crew flip-flops.

But anyway... I got this dress on Ebay for just $16, shipping included, from a rather unknown vintage store called Virginia Blue, whose blog I found via Hipster Musings. And I realized I really need some new summer footwear.

I also have no fewer than 20 mosquito bites between my two legs. So a long dress way good for hiding those.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Keep Bleeding Keep Keep Bleeding

If you don't know what the title is from you might think it's some emo song. But it's actually, er, Leona Lewis. But it's not like I actually listen to that! Haha no. Of course not. It's really, really hot (86, but feels like 91) and... blah. It's supposed to be even hotter tomorrow. Do you know how hard it is to not wear tights/leggings/tall socks at this point?

(pondering the toilet... it kind of looks like I'm about to throw up in it though)

Shirt dad got in China. Old Navy denim shorts. AA footless socks. Old Navy wedges.

These shoes are really comfortable and amazing, but what I stupidly forgot is that we were going out to our environmental sites for science. I walked over hills and through tall grass in these. Ouch.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Faux Layers

I was catching up with Susie Bubble, which I honestly haven't had time to read lately, and I came across her post about the label Inside Out. I took one look at the clothes she had pictures of, particularly the two above, and I was like, oh my gosh! Love! I was disappointed (but not surprised) to discover that the shirts cost $172 and $200, respectively, but still they are just gorgeous. If you trace my obsession with this type of shirt back to its genesis, you will find an ancient (well 10 months old, in the early days of this blog) a post about t-shirts with accessories printed onto them. Of course, the Wetseal ones I posted look nowhere near as nice as the Inside Out ones, but I do actually own two of this type of shirt: my suspender t-shirt from H&M and this star-print tie t-shirt from F21 (though I don't wear it anymore because it is extremely ratty).

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wild Night (Fashion Show Part III)

This is Part III. Read Parts I & II first!

The outfits and the runway:

We ended up having a lot of fun and we totally killed the runway. Maybe I should become a real model or something (just kidding! haha neverrrr). Or a real fashion designer... so many people have asked me if I want to be a fashion designer but I usually tell them I don't because... I don't. I mean I'll have fun making clothes but I don't really think being a fashion designer would be a good career for me... I mean, it's so competitive and yeah I don't even think I should think about careers now because I'm not even out of 9th grade yet. But I don't see myself actually going into fashion designing as a career.

Wet Your Lips, And Smile For The Camera (Fashion Show Part II)

This is Part II. Read Part I first!

Amy and Julia wearing their outfits! (I made everything except the v-neck, obvi.) This is really not the best clothes picture though.

Me, being fabulous (*cough loser cough*). Yes, I have farmer's tan (or track tan, as we call it) despite my attempts to apply sunscreen.

Ally being Ally.

Cuties! (Is this starting to sound Myspace-y... uh-oh!)

A really flattering picture of me talking on the phone while getting my makeup done.

Finished hair.

I kind of cheated... I did not make the vest! But I needed it to style this outfit.

Group shot!

End Part II. Part III coming as soon as Blogger lets me upload it!