Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bang the Doldrums

Today is the fateful day of my haircut. I have finally decided. I will cut my hair for summer like this:


And then, come fall, I want to get bangs rather like one of my fashion icons, Queen Michelle of Kingdom of Style. Thicker and more rounded. And all of these people picture (well, Irina Lazareanu and Queen Michelle, if not Kate Moss) have relatively small foreheads.

This local thrift store is having a $1-for-everything sale. I have to go.

Update: Umm there was a mix up so I didn't end up getting my hair cut today... hopefully tomorrow. And I was so excited. Blah. But I did get like 10 things at the thrift store!


Grace said...

I just got bangs too, a couple of weeks ago. We're trendsetters!

Dapper Kid said...

$1 for everything??? They so need to that somewhere close to me!!! Post the cool stuff you got please!