Saturday, June 7, 2008

I Am Not A Plastic Model (Fashion Show Part I)

Warning: This is going to be very photo-heavy. Hopefully I won't cause anyone's computer to crash.

I haven't written anything about it on this blog, but for the past few weeks I have been working hard when I can to create looks for my town's annual fashion show, which was last night. This was my first year doing it, so I didn't know what to expect, but basically I tried to make "runway inspired" (but not knockoffs—I'm not that good!) clothes that I would actually wear. This turned out to be a bit different from what most of the other designers did (they went over-the-top crazy, but in a fabulous way... I wish I had pictures. There were gowns galore, sewn and pinned together, gothic makeup, fruit-inspired outfits, caution-tape fairies and my personal favorite, in which the models wore nothing but underwear and were covered in silver and black body paint) but I get to keep my clothes and wear them, which is a plus. I ended up making four pieces: two skirts, a pair of bloomers and a top, which I turned into three "looks", plus my brown dress which I cheated and modeled myself. I got three friends (Ally, Julia, and Amy) to help me model (and choreograph!) and I had a whole lot of fun. It was totally worth it!

Getting our hair done beforehand....

Believe it or not, I've never had my hair curled before! This was the first time and I loved it, though by the end of the night my evil, thick, heavy hair was beginning to straighten out.

You can't really tell my this picture, but Julia's hair was amazing. Her long, thick, curly hair was partially flat ironed and pulled back into a surprisingly small bun, and one long strand was curled and pinned up into her hair in a way that I swear I have seen on a runway, but am not sure when. You can kind of tell how it goes in the picture below: 
Amy's first hairstyle (of which there's a picture up a bit) involved chopsticks and a lot of pain. Amy dislikes pain and I dislike chopsticks in hair, so that one was scrapped and instead she got this hair, which I love.
Ally was the resident hair curling expert. The girl in the back is this customer who came into the hair salon we were who we were all laughing about afterwards, because she came in with perfectly straight hair, and then had her hair washed, blow-dried, and straightened. It looked almost exactly the same in the end; some way to spend $20!

End Part I

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