Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Got So Many Ripped Knees, Ripped Knees

My mom kinda got my camera to work again, enough so that I could upload my outfits from Wednesday and Thursday. (I went away Saturday and Sunday, and Friday... I didn't bother because I thought the camera was dead.)

Hanes boy t-shirt (cutoff by me). Forever 21 necklace and socks. Rogan for Target shorts. Converse shoes.

I had to take them in the basement(/family room/office/kitchen) because the rest of my house was full of construction workers, and it would have been, um, awkward if they saw me taking pictures of myself!

American Apparel acid wash v-neck. Forever 21 skirt. Doc Marten boots.

P.S. I hate how Blogger makes the pictures HUGE (well, it's their original size, but still) when you click on them. The picture above that was edited looks fine small but big I look... not good.

P.P.S. It's not freakin' fair! So these jeans I have been lusting for ever since last summer, and earlier, have gone on sale, for $50 instead of $80. Now, I seriously wanted to get them but the $10 shipping... so my mom said I should wait a few days until we could go to the mall to see if they had them. And now they're sold out of my size online. Cry cry cry.


Dapper Kid said...

Second outfit is suuuuper, loving the acid wash tee!! The skirt is awesome, and I'll always have a soft spot for Docs, they're super cool.

WendyB said...

There must be a way to stop the pix from popping up, right? Besides linking them to another page.

raymi lauren said...

change the settings on your camera, make the pic size smaller, like 640.

Tavi said...

I love the all black/white thing in the first outfit. You're rocking the Docs. Awesome. Sorry bout your jeans :(
Hmm, I think it only lets you click on images that are JPEGS, so maybe if you save them as BMPs?