Friday, February 29, 2008


This morning it was even more freezing than usual (usual being 62 or so... freakin' heater...) in my house, and the fact that it was about 3 degrees outside, and I was very tired, I grabbed a pretty easy outfit, where I basically just threw things on. Things that would, hopefully, serve to both make me look good and feel warm. Due to the lack of daylight in my parent's bedroom, I had to resort to taking pictures in the well-lit bathroom, which unfortunately lacked a full length mirror. So I improvised, with some rather interesting contortions (well, they felt like contortions in those jeans...).

American Apparel cardigan. Urban Outfitters scarf. J. Crew vest. Uniqlo t-shirt. Rock & Republic jeans (yes I know... they're from last year...).

Yes, I'm wearing jeans that are not skinny. For the second time this week, actually. Odd. (But I do think they look rather like the "Hollywood mainstays", the J Brand Lovestory... excuses, excuses).