Saturday, December 1, 2007

A School Week of Outfits

First of all, let me say that I am a horrible blogger! It was been well over a month since I have last updated and I haven't even been that busy. But then again, I write this blog for myself and no one really reads it. So oh well!

Last weekend I went to the mall and also to Target and got some great new clothes. So my outfits this week were rather inspired. Here they are:


H&M sweatshirt (new). Gap cutoff shorts. Hue pink tights (new). Target gray knee-highs.

Erin Fetherson for Target cardigan and t-shirt. Old Navy leggings.

I have always (inexplicably) wanted to wear leggings as pants, and now I can say I have done it! It's not like no one at my school does it, but it felt a bit awkward for me, like I was walking around in my underwear. And it inspired one friend to fashion me a paper mini skirt during math class!


Merona jacket (new). Uniqlo t-shirt. Urban Outfitters scarf. Tripp NYC skinny pants.

These pants. They are just awesome. But... they really, um, stand out. More than any other item I own, these get whistled at, whispered about, hated, recognized ("are you the girl who was wearing those bright blue pants?") commented ("your pants are very BRIGHT"), and, yes, complimented. I'd be lying if I said I hated the attention.

This jacket was a great find for $22 at Target. There were a million of them on sale and I've been searching for a blazer forever so I was like, what the heck. I'll try it on. And to my surprise it fit perfectly. In this outfit, I tried to make a jacket clearly meant for job interviews and the like casual with the pants, t-shirt, and scarf. The scarf was added as I ran out the door so I wouldn't freeze at the bus stop, but I liked the way it looked and decided to keep it on.


J. Crew scarf and capris (both new). Mossimo long-sleeve tee (new).

This outfit was kind of fun and slightly sailor-esque, but a bit less in-your-face than my other outfits. Unfortunately, the "tissue tee" was completely see-through and I didn't really realize until I got to school....

So that's my school week of outfits! But what about Friday? Um, my Friday outfit wasn't really that great. But today I had some fun creating my outfit. First I starting by trying to knock off strawberry milkshakes's outfit.

Alice Temperly for Target blouse. Old Navy denim shorts.
Unfortunately my shorts weren't high enough, so I had to untuck the blouse.

Then I realized it wasn't supposed to go above freezing all day and I added some black tights.


Anonymous said...

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Jen said...

: D
I have the Tripp NYC jeans too! I like the stuff you were wearing it with... I tend to wear it with other bright/neon stuff and end up looking like a raver or something, lol.

craig said...

hi im craig and i think ur blog is awsome n i love the tights ur wearing in some of ur pics lol xx

Myaps4000 said...

Cool blog. I like your sense of style, though I think your Wednesday outfit would look "better" with some regular jeans.

But still- credit to your for having your own style. I love it when people wear bright colored pants. A friend of mine- he's a real character- came in to school with these bright red khakis. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

Hey Just wanted to say, most girls cant wear leggings as pants, but you soo can, you looked great in them.

youwish said...

i really like friday's outfit.
that shirt is amazing :]

Anonymous said...

ugly outfits. your legs are fat... don't wear that short + stockings combo.

Anonymous said...

why wear leggings as pants... read the blogs that SAY

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, go fuck yourself =)

Anonymous said...

P.S. LEGGINGS ARE PANTS!!! Tis' true, my friend.

Hannah said...

anon from four years ago can suck my fat clit