Thursday, December 27, 2007

Pahk the Cah in Hahvahd Yahd.

Yesterday my family went into Harvard Square with my friend. We went shopping at Newbury Comics (for CDs), Urban Outfitters, and American Apparel. While I only got a few things, I am proud of my purchases (and the fact I only spent $54). At Urbans (my friend hates it when I call it that) they had some pretty good sales, but most of the stuff was still on the expensive side and I didn't like anything enough to buy it... until I saw these:

And they were on sale for just $40! They had a size 9, so I tried them on, they fit perfectly, and I had to get them. My friend liked them but kept telling me they would be cooler if they were thrifted, though. I punched her in the face. Just kidding, of course. They're also online, but for $80! I don't know why they had them for so cheap. Not that I'm complaining...

Also, the stylish cashier asked me where I had gotten my t-shirt and I told her about Uniqlo. She wrote the name of it down, and I loved my shirt more than ever.

We went into American Apparel and immediately grabbed handfuls of lamé things to try on. Most of it looked like crap (tube dress+days of stuffing my face=not good) but we both decided, on an impulse, to buy the lamé bras. I got silver and she got gold, and we're still trying to figure out how to wear them under clothes (obviously we aren't going to walk around in just the bra thingy). I also tried on this mens striped t-shirt. It looked so slouchy and cool, and then I looked at the price tag. $28! For a plain t-shirt! Haha, no.

On a side note, the AA store is a bit sketchy. I mean, the changing rooms are right out in the open and the curtain doesn't close all the way. If you wanted to, you could see right in. My friend and I took turns holding it shut while we tried things on. But then again, what do you expect from American Apparel. Good thing the clothes are (mostly) really cute!

p.s. No one really has a Boston accent like that.


Wendy said...

Don't you just love it when you get something for less than its worth? I do. I really like those oxfords!

traum.taenzerin said...

i love your shoes.
ive been looking for some a long time but its hard to find them in germany.

i was also in aa today. that thing with the curtain freaked me so out that i couldnt really concentrate on the clothes i tried on.
i tried on the double-u-dress in l but it didnt get over my breast so i think im too big vor aa...^^

have fun with your new stuff!

iam wondering how you use to wear your hair now, does it look just like on the pics or has it changed!?

Hannah Cheeto said...


Unfortunately, my hair only looks like that when my hairdresser blows it out. ;) But usually I wear it naturally, which is slightly wavy, or flat-ironed.

Stararah said...

I've been trying to find shoes like that. I'll end up going thrifting for them, though. Not because I don't like them, but because I'm poor. Haha.

S said...

I was just in harvard square yesterday, but I was with three boys who did not want to shop so I didn't get to go into Urban outfitters. Poop. Because I've been eying those shoes, but, like your friend, I think the vintage wingtipped oxfords are amazing.

Stephanie said...

I love those oxfords, they're perfect! Nice job getting them for so cheap.
I've seen people wear the lame' bras with low cut v-necks or shirts with huge armholes, and it looks pretty sweet. You could also wear them over a top for that whole underwear-as-outerwear thing...ooooh actually that gives me an idea!
Oh and I know exactly what you mean about AA, although I personally like the changing rooms as the staff don't pay any attention and so it's easy to take advantage of the five-finger discount..shhhhh.