Sunday, December 2, 2007

Beautious Shoes

Yesterday I went to Marshalls with hope of finding a winter jacket. My one from last year is slightly hideous and besides, it is nowhere close to matching my black ski pants (skiing is really the main reason for having a winter jacket now because I have a fabulous Guess military coat—I need to blog about that, too). I found a cute black Calvin Klein one for just $60, but anyway.

On my customary sweep through the size 9 shoe section, I spotted a pair of the most fabulous (favorite word today or what?) shoes ever seen in Marshalls: black patent leather high heel lace up oxfords by Steve Madden! Naturally I put them on and went to show (shock?) my mother. She commented on how stupid people look walking in high heels and how they reminded her of Chinese foot binding (they did make me feet look tiny—but that's a good thing in my book), and went to check out. The shoes were $50, so I knew there was no way I could get her to buy them for me, so I regretfully placed them back on the shelf and left the store in resignation.

BUT then I couldn't stop thinking about them. Later in the afternoon my dad was going to make a quick grocery store run, and I jumped at the opportunity to tag along, as Marshalls is right next to the grocery store. I grabbed $50 in cash out of my increasingly small savings, and dashed in their to buy those shoes! Thankfully, they were still their, and I made a quick purchase. I can't wait to wear them!

The only problem is that they are too tight, especially on my considerable larger right foot, when I wear them with sweatsocks, so I'll probably have to wear them with stockings or thinner socks. Less squished feet, but more blisters. Oh well... I can suffer for beautiful shoes! ;P

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